Ethiopia – Egypt: Is a war over the Nile still imminent?


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13 Responses

  1. tagesse says:

    The nile issue isnot only the government issue.I know there is no democracy in our country .But when it comes to development and foreign policy we should leave aside and stand together to fight for our water right.
    In my opinion I want to contribute the building og the nile dam in ethiopia if there is third party to collect the money and be directly the construction

    • well says:

      you see that the problem with Ethiopians
      while the people are suffering you think about development. nile dam is not going to build Ethiopia the mountains,rivers,forest are just resources they dont make ethiopia however the people are the main ones that make the country a country and by that if all the people work together come up together for the right of each and every ethiopian then you will see a country otherwise building dam by itself building highrise in addiss while selling the land of the farmers who used to be rich farmers now they depend on aid so on so forth. remember deredawa they destroy it and now they try to fix the rail way and the money is lost no one says anything about it.

      • Yhannes says:

        Mr. Well you don’t know what you want and you are not educated man. Are you going to give food to ethiopians without Energy. Ethiopias gift are mountains and easy to produce eletrcuty. I think you are always afraied of tge Egyptians, don’t weary , weather you like it or no Egyptians are inwar with ethiopia every day.
        Let the thinks go and help Ethiopians to built tier Dom even if they fight against any one.
        We are ready to fo so, we are ready for it, and every one should use his own country wealth, andcethiopians thry deserve this right my brother.
        We are ready to fight, for our right, we are hungry because there is no watervin our country and the Egyptians are not tge owner of it

  2. tazabiw says:

    While the English media has been subtle, the arabic publications are ablaze with possible aramagedeon associated with this Dam. Until recently, the Sudanese were aboard this project, albeit, tacitly. The Sudanese have furbished heavy duty machines according to wire reports, However, lately, in the arabic media,there have been talks about interfering by US water experts who have visited Cairo. Egyptians are warning Sudan of possible mayhem if and when the Dam collapses. According to this Arabic sites, Egypt is well aware of the benefit Sudan will get from a regulated stream. The Tekeze Dam has benefited Sudan more than Ethiopia. And Sudan has, lukewarmly, welcomed the Abay Dam, for it suffers more from its devastating floods.Thus the Egyptians, according to many arabic news outlets is taking scare mongering Sudan and warning it the consequence of any burst of such a huge dam. This smells trouble for Ethiopia. More over, a noted American water expert has been dispatched to mediate between Ethiopia and Sudan. Even though the Media, US and Egyptian, is denying any interference by the US, reliable diplomatic sources suggest otherwise.

  3. Alem says:

    Nice try tagesse. Too bad there won’t be war between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Nile. TPLF is trying to rally Ethiopians behind it, period.

    • Akalu says:

      What type of wikileaks do you understand? The source is not tegesse. It is Stratfor! Don’t mislead here. You seem to be one of those desperate to see a Tahrir square in Addis!!

  4. Alpha says:

    The construction of the biggest Dam has no use for Ethiopia other than being a means of getting time money and time for the ruling junta.How on earth is that possible to generate money after constructing with such big sum of money from the poor Ethiopians in such controversial and war prone boarder. This is on other plot of TPLF & SHABIA to put the country in crises in putting the country’s wealth to unfeasible project and in to war as they did it at BADIME.

  5. Demeke Taye says:

    EPRP fought on the side of Somalia because they hated the Derg, or the military govenmnet then in power in Ethiopia. It was a shameful act and the first for Ethiopians to side an enemy of our country. I hope no Ethiopian will be on the side of Egypt because they do not like EPRDF, Meles and his erratic wife. I do not like EPRDF because it messes the country, but I do not hate Ethiopia because it is messed by Meles and Azeb.

  6. tamitu says:

    ”According to a recent WikiLeaks report, Sudan agreed to host an Egyptian airbase in Kuris in the west of its Darfur region. Consequently, this base could be used to launch an Egyptian assault on the Ethiopian dam, if diplomatic efforts fail.” i read again and again……………………………………………………I
    I could not believe this is that my eye ?!
    Then simple we Ethiopian cut Nile and change the river coarse for ever by putting dynamite every 50 kilometers until we reach our border to create the largest man made swap and wetland then we will destroy lake naser and aswan dam
    we will mobilize all black population of Africa specially upper riparian country to do the same.
    Okay then what?????????????????????????????????
    Then we will remember what PM MELESE ZENAWI said ” The Issue of Nile has been changed for ever he when on saying either we swim together or sink together. ( win win situation)
    But now it seems to me that Egypt if not going along what the Ethiopian said it will definitely will be drown.

  7. taye says:

    The health of defense minister, Prime minister and all personals in a key place must be chucked, in case they are reached and hurt by enemy personals inside or outside the country, how is there home security. The government has to stop sending key personals outside the country and need to spread thousands of trained security personals in the cities and in the country side. If Egypt’s heart was not for peace starting from the very beginning, what was they are waiting? If Egypt choose to go to war, to stop Ethiopia not to using her own river that is a craze way to go, there must be something Ethiopia must to fish around, may be have enough security personal with radio etc. of their own in Ethiopia in the name of investment. Or they have people who work for them in Ethiopian defense department to delay Ethiopians effective preparation of defense. Remember one of the reasons for Roman Empire to fail is chemical in their food chain that affects them not to think effectively. The defense plan must be on papers, software is dangerous. Say me craze, few craze people from Egypt side can scare the people and push them to war. “Yalteretar temenater”

    • Alpha says:

      TAYE, we have understood the problem of the situation and the problem of sabotage in Ethiopian History. To mention some the loss of 10 thousands Ethiopians in BADME, the loss of Ethiopian soldiers in ERITREA by the time DERG falls, the sabotage in loosing SPARTA derg green beret special force to woyane are some from the recent. The article 17 that leads to battle of Adwa and the advantage The ITALIANS got at the battle of MEKELE are some of the Sabotages or our loses due to our leaders being not wise. The same thing for sure follows if Ethiopia faces if we are going to war with Egypt. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE VICTORY WHERE ERITREAN AND SHAEBIA PEOPLE CONTROLLED COUNTRY IN ALL THE SECURITY AND MILITARY? Ethiopians are not independent to build such a big dam efficiently and defend it with a full and secured preparation to combat such a project by this time.

  8. adgo says:

    i was also thinking as tamitu also yes of course every thing has a solution as meles said we swim together or we sunk together that is true if they are not agreed for this easily we can divert the Nile direction by so many ways and leave for ever Aswan and lake Nasser empty so u Egyptian think the consequences of bombing the Ethiopian grand dam Nile river is in our country not in tahrir square or Egypt territory.we will reply you 100 times becarful.

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