The Barbaric Torture of Ethiopians in the Middle East (Nebiyu Sirak)


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4 Responses

  1. Wissam says:

    Ethiopian women are very beautiful and in demand in Kuwait and other middle east countries. They will be living good if they find their country men pimps that will treat them well and protect them in case the customers try to abuse them.

    • Afee says:

      You must be one of those mindless, half-man, fag, animal ARABS. You guys have no respect for human because you are not human.

  2. geberu says:

    ato sirak it is even more sad we dont have rights in our own country let alone and you are responsible to create free and fair ethiopia,so that people to stay and live in our home country.i used to live arab country,i known what its like.unjust,rasim… you name it but what choise do we have?put your self in their ethiopia we been treated like second citizen.for last 21 years in ethiopia to have ajob and desent live,you have to be tigre.plz dont get wrong i m not anti tigre,but thats fact in real ethiopia.i lost my job because i dont belong that clan,not because of qulification or displine.for most ethiopian the barbaric torturer not arabs but the ethiopian government.


    Democratically Elected Governmenet by the People and for the people of Ethiopia Will resolve all this misery and Suffering of our People In arab Countries or in Ethiopia

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