Who won the final presidential debate? Obama, Romney battle over foreign policy


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3 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Look, if I hired someone to paint my house,and he smooth taked me into what a great job he would, and, I came home and the house was NOT painted, him sitting there with a big smile saying, “don’t worry, I’ll do it” I FIRE him and get someone who would get the job DONE.
    Is that hard to understand?

    • Tolla says:


      It is not as easy as you think for economy which is dismated for a couple of decades, becouse of corrupt corporate culture and the political tweak tweaking for short-term success to win election. I think the current president already knows this accummulated economic mess and taking appropriate steps so that economic system will be sustainable for the long-term, though the political environment is not good from other side of the asile in subotaging his plan with different means such as blocking necessay laws and regulations, implementation and enforcement of these regulations. Romey if he wins, will immediately distroy these regulations put in place and allow free ride for corrupt corporations and as a result will bring short-term success as usual at the expense for long-term disaster like we see now. Please becareful in your comment. The economic and political system is so complicated and to give any straight response without looking various aspects of the issue is problematic for the country.

  2. Tatek says:

    The US doesn’t need another Colonel George W. Bush who still believes America’s No 1 foe remains Russia while the cold war has ended two decades ago. The US had enough mess under W. Bush and it is time to throw Republicans in a dust bin and give the President another four years to keep cleaning up the mess left behind by Bush.

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