Former First Lady Azeb Mesfin leaves Palace


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28 Responses

  1. jj says:

    she should move to al mudine,also she should pimp her kids to almudine.almudine lucky man ride mom and daugters,giddy up slap that ass

    • Tulu says:

      What you wrote is filthy and betrays the innwe workings of a sick mind. What type of person think, let alone ,such things.
      I presume you don’t have any sisters or daughters.

      • TULU-TELILA says:

        Dear Mr Tulu, you know what, where were you when the animals of TPLF rapeing our daughters and sisters? Do you tink we have any mercy left for these guys? NO!. We lost our country, lost our wealth and most importantly lost millions of lives because of this government. Have you seen how the lady became a millioner while having “affair” in dubai with her secrete…?

        • Liju says:

          Tulu, the way you are thinking is way wrong. If you are confronting a rapist to be a rapist yourself, or you are confronting a murderer to be a murderer… then you are sick and psychopathic. to the list you are no better than from who you are opposing from and for that reason what you are opposing has no relevance. I hope you are a grown up and you know what I’m talking about. If you are writing a comment here for the sake of it, then you are wasting your time brother.

  2. Hopeful says:

    Azeb’s fear is real and it’s a punishment from God — deep inside her senseless brain, she is well aware of her brutal dictator husband’s inexcusable despicable crimes against Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. May Azeb and her children be haunted by the millions of innocent souls that have been massacred needlessly. May Azeb and her children never experience peace and live in fear looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives. IT IS ONLY FAIR!

    • Tarikawi says:

      Well said Hopeful! the facist meles is gone, now the road is clear to do the final cleansing! azeb is counting her days mark my words so do the woyane puppet who shout, insult Ethiopians people just by tribalism and tigreanism that was invented by their facist leader and emmbrassed by many of them. Not only they forced people to go out for the funeral and now they will tax people to build a musuem for the frog…God is watching they are cumulating the death wrap on them. now it is us “zeregna”LOL banda kids will always be banda, it is in their bloods. Neftegna saved that country they can-t even govern, from italy facist…of course they were sleeping with them or working for them like their leader meles’s father! Dedebit is dedebit irreversible matter:-)ETHIOPIA FOR EVER

  3. Alegnta says:

    Drop dead you sick idiots! Long live Azeb and her kids! Longlive the legacy of the Meles – the greatest leader Ethiopia has ever had!

    • Alegnta says:

      I don’t expect you to post it!
      Drop dead you sick idiots! Long live Azeb and her kids! Longlive the legacy of the Meles – the greatest leader Ethiopia has ever had!

      • Hopeful says:

        Well, you’re not alone Alegnta, there are senseless people like yourself walking around in this world that are born without conscience and give undying support to mass murderers like Adolf Hitler regardless their gruesome crimes against humanity. You can’t help it, you lack the moral campus and conscience to understand the human suffering — the suffering of people doesn’t mean a squat to you and to them! Sadly, demented brutal dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Meles who enjoyed inflicting injuries and shedding the blood of millions of innocent people been taken as brave great leaders by people like Alegnta. Sad indeed!

      • tagel says:

        hahahaha.. I know you are woyane puppet, god is punishing woyane and his affiliates

  4. Girma says:

    Zeregna neftegnoch. just leave the woman alone. get your own life and mind your business. Sedetegna…feeding on them cancerous burgers and diss an honorable lady. shame on u all. Mikegnoch.

    • Getaewe says:

      Yes, we are Sidetegna because of you and your puppets who do not allow to live peacefully with freedom and contribute something to our country. You are terrible PESTS. Refer the meaning of pests in the plant protection and pesticide decree of the country where your master signs as a bill. You can understand how the pests do damage to organisms.

    • Tagel says:

      don t you feel shame by saying azeb a honourable lady!! azeb is one idiot women who robbing millions of money from poor Ethiopians and become one of the rich women from Africa. you must be one of woyane puppets who praise her, but all Ethiopian people know about her corruption and how she involved on this kind of business. but god is giving his verdict on woyane’s

  5. sam says:

    Anyone who has arational mind loves azeb and her kids b/c her husband did countless positive changes for his country. she & her husband r patriots unlike u traitor daisporas. millions loves & respect them forever

    • Ewenetu says:

      Sam you do not really know what these wicked bastards did to the people of Ethiopia. They brought about countless positive changes to their supporters and themselves. They came to Arat killo carrying AK47 and became world class milliners in short period of time. countless Ethiopians are still living in poverty and starvation. She came from a jungle and refused to leave palace as if she never had lived out of kings palace. This a manifest how irrational and brutal she is.

      • Liju says:

        Ewnetu, as your name references, I wish if you can tell the truth. I do not know the truth as I don’t have the actual info. But, I will not follow rumors spread by Elias Kifle and the alike. I will take my best jugement before I say about anyone let alone Azeb or Meles. One thing for a fact that I know is Meles failed to bring the rational change the country needed in press freedom. But,I wouldn’t say that he did this to be a millioner or billioner. He left the country with numourous good things and some bad things. Meles is no longer here and it’s up to each Ethopiawi to take the country to the needed direction.

      • wondinet says:

        Ewunetu aka buda Gondere.Tell me why you are saying Ethiopians? You suppose to say that, we Gonderes and Gojames are eliminated by EPRDF because of our nasty hasty deed of our parents. Off course, indeed we hated you becuase of your hasty evil mentality.
        You tell me when the entire Wello people dying of hunger, Haile Silasie was biulding gold statue for his dogs. Did you raised such nasty job of your midget king you call it? Fu… you man!

  6. Workamaw says:

    Traitor diaspora? kkkkkkk…TPLF looters are well known to tag others with their own given names. Who indeed are traitors? Who has given away the carefully trimmed off territory of Ethiopia including Assab to Eritrea? Who has given away thousands of acres of fertile land to Sudan? Who gave away thousands of hectares of land to foreign looters like Karuturi and Saudistar at dust cheap price? Who is looting the precious natural resources of Ethiopia like the Lgedembi gold? God be praised, the mastermind is gone for good. The rest, real traitors and mercenaries shall follow.

  7. Jemal says:

    Why all the hurry to make her leave the palace? It was her home for the last 20 years, and she has lost her husband just 6 weeks ago. By the way, where are the billions of dollars everybody claimed that she owned?


    LOOTING QUEEN OF ETHIOPIA -AND TPLF LOOTING WING (EFFORT) Endowment Fund For The Rehabilitation of Tigrai, CHAIRWOMAN-And the Wife of the former tyrrant was suppose to move out long ago ,but Since dictators think their position is for life-IT NEVER CROSSED HER MIND that she will be asked to move out ,that is more of a psychological problem than a legal one

  9. Patriot says:

    Power is sweet. Azeb has lost it because she realises that she now is nobody without Meles. I guess power corrupts and one never believes that one dies or must relinquish power and make place for someone else. I guess Meles and Azeb wanted to establish a monarchy, so that even their children could continue ruling. Emperor HS did nothing wrong the irony is everyone that ruled after him wants to be like him. Sorry guys you do not have what it takes to rule like an Emperor, your all corrupted by power. Azeb does not even respect the new PM from her own party, by not moving out she is actually disrespecting him openly. She is the one in this case that does not deserve respect.

  10. Andinet says:

    This lady is idiot and fool–corrupted lady that I like to call band-widow-window Azeb!!! Finally, she expelled by force after she has been an input of comedy and dramas world wide! Azeb is a defeated colonizer residue/captive who denied to leave!! In a proper description she is the wife of killer who undermines 94 million people for the sake of her confort.

  11. Tatek says:

    Folks, it is good news that she left. The reason behind the outcry is that the palace belongs to the people of Ethiopia and when people asked for it to be vacated, that should be honored and now that that is honored, let’s go ahead. Let the new guy, as illegitimate as it may sound as he was just handpicked as if the country were still a kingdom, move in. What we in the diaspora are saying is that let the people decide and let Bereket Simon leave the decision to the people.

  12. Lema says:

    This simon bereket is now very famous. Is he a tigre or amhara?

  13. sdee says:

    Do not be mistaken, she should stay the coming first lady is eriterian, who killed my county and inside and out side
    It is so sad what ever happen in ethiopia
    to fall in the hands of enemy

  14. Awetash says:

    Azeb Mesfin gave away countless collections of designer shoes and clothes away for her friends and families according to sources in Addis.

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