Ethiopia’s Reeyot: “The Price for My Courage” (Prof. Almariam)


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4 Responses

  1. mulugeta says:

    So far we have prison martyrs. What the great people of ethiopia wanted is the real martyrs who swallow Polonium and burn him/her self on fire!

  2. Desalegn says:

    The tireless Prof with out a shame!
    Any fool coward could write about courage , but it is really not an act of jabbering and scribbling nonsense. One can organize demonstrations and make noises of different magnitudes and remain an active “politician” , but one should endure the hardships of a comrade to be in the category of Che!
    Go and do ur share in the real sense of struggle,and u will see the difference between the comfort of ur office chair and the very prisons u write so so much about !
    With all respect, plz be a man of ur words! Be brave and show us how to lead; by example!
    You talk the talk , it is time to walk the walk!

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