Ethiopia: Time for a Paradigm Shift (Part 2)


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  1. Alem says:

    Dear Zelalem:
    It is good you are engaging with social/political issues concerning our country. But I am afraid your statements are misguided if not outright naive. Consider these. You write “I beg you to reach deep down inside yourself and let the innocence within you believe so that it reasons together with the decency that is in all humanity.” This sounds unrealistic and a New Age type exhortation. I am hard pressed to figure out where you are coming from. In Part I you wrote about non-violence and how we as a society lacked a person of Gandhi’s, Martin King’s and Mandela’s stature. You did not realize Mandela was the founding leader of ANC’s military wing. You tend to repeat cliches either misusing them or not providing evidence for your statements. Earlier it was “game changer” [Meles’ favorite phrase and now “paradigm shift”. Do you really believe change has taken place because the only ruling party [and no opposition] substituted one of its own with another? Either you don’t understand the full import of the words you use or simply how government works. Otherwise you would not have gone on a limb to think Hailemariam could single-handedly change things. You don’t seem to worry about or remotely consider realities on the ground. I think you should have named personalities currently running the country and if they are any different from those before Meles’ death.

    You write “The peaceful power transfer from the old generation to the new generation, unlike any time in the past, ushered in our first morning ever in Ethiopia. The architect, late PM Meles Zenawi, has taken his seat in history on this matter without contention. The new PM, Hailemariam Desalegn, has been given unprecedented political capital unlike any other leader of Ethiopia.” This statement is just not true. You seem to be living in a romantic world of your own creation. You need to get down to first gathering facts and second, analyzing them soberly. That is the only way you gain credibility. It is only then that you refrain from making absurd remarks as Meles “has taken his seat in history on this matter without contention.” History is not written on yet unrealized proposals or by friends and supporters.

    Please continue to write more. It is important that you contribute your part. But above all, you need to read more and put aside as much as you can your preconceived ideas of a “new morning”. You may also want to consider writing on corruption [who are officials engaged in money laundering] and why the economy is jobless and why tens of thousands of young women and men leave the country if things are going so well for them at home. This time try to be truthful.

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