Junedin Sado’s wife charged with terrorism


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11 Responses

  1. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Remember folks Junedin Sado Was with TPLF/EPRDF Supporting and encouraging Their Crime while they throw the journalists, Students, Cilvil Right leaders, Human right Activisits etc…to their dungeons Now I wonder what he dare to say -HE MIGHT SAY FINALLY JUSTICE IS BROKEN NOW …We must answer Really ???

    • Watson says:

      He has got what has deserved. But unfortunate wife should not be targeted in lieu of husband. His removal from the top OPDO senior position and keeping him at home away from his ministry office cannot be compared with deprived of his wife, he is at home while wife is at prison. This a big shame of shames. Wife of ministry!!!! even ordinary man’s wife in prison is a painful and incomparable humiliation. He was the key person who pressurized EPRDF government office to disorder the peaceful Muslims in Ethiopia. Relation with religions is there any thing better than respect between two Ethiopian Regions? No at all. The respect between citizens of Ethiopian deep rotted culture which doesn’t available everywhere in this world.

  2. Teddy says:

    It seems, at least for the time being, Junedi is choosing his stomach above his wife’s safety and freedom. Typical hodam!

  3. Seyoum says:

    Let’s face it, it’s because of us Ethiopians’ failure that Eritrea separated and that people like Sebhat and Bereket came to power.

    It’s no good crying when they repeat their well known views. First we have to fix our own problems, then we’ll be fine. Even Eritrea will be better off when there is a strong and united Ethiopia instead of a weak and divided one that seems easy to manipulate.

  4. Think says:

    What a funny thing is this. Junedin, I hope you will regret for the comments that you made during Oromo Students protests in AAU. EPRDF, so called leaders will come for you also, not only your wife. If i were you I will ask for apology to Oromo people you sinned.

  5. Al says:

    Hayna eats Hayna when they are back n front

  6. boss says:

    Woyane cadre being eaten up by woyane is not a new thing. this woyane cadre lived for his belly and now he is unceremoniously being dumped by the woyane

  7. Name (required) says:

    I am glad this is happening to Sado & his wife but the reason given about her involvement with the Muslim community recent affair does not hold water.

  8. Tatek says:

    I am sad for the wife as there was no evidence that she was a TPLF pawn as her husband. But for Junedi, I don’t think there is much tear running down anybody’s cheek as he is someone who helped his TPLF bosses marginalize his Oromo brothers and sisters. Let him go to jail and wait there as his bosses will follow him if they didn’t face the fate of their serpent boss, Zenawi.

  9. Proud Ethiopian says:

    Poor Sado, maybe you could contact Azeb for help, after all she is a women after all. You Sado are countless other fool’s, who followed the TPLF to edge of the cliff, and like a dummy they pushed your wife instead. One question Sado, why did your wife needed money from those Arabs, didn’t you get your fair share from the woyane’s, you are an embarrassment to Ethiopians, and the Oromo people. You brought the ultimate shame, join the new so called PM HD, you two are the new laughing stock, even the midget evil one is laughing from hell.

    • fayodedo says:

      Yaa Juneeydin, amma maal siif wayya ummata keetiif hin taane, amantaa keetititti hin oolle, angoo garaa keetiif itti galte dhabde, jedhi jennaan maatii keetii fi fayyaa tantees dhabde, agartee namni saba isaa salphisu akkanatti salphata. Yeroo barattootni oromoo ar’aman maal jedhaa turte? Gaafa ummata Oromoo finfinnee baasan maal jedhaa turte? amma yeroo amantaa Isilaamaa balleessuuf ka’an maal jette? Arsiif gaafa Yunivarsitii kennannii irraa fuutee gurguratte maaltu sitti dhagahama? Si’iif hin gaddinu kan dalagaa keetii argatte? Garuu haadha manaa keetiif dalagaan kee gahutu nutti dhagahama. Daa’imman haadha malee haftetu nu gaddisiisa. Ati kan dalagaa keetii argatte. Kunuu sitti xiqqaata.

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