72 Ethiopians drowned in the Gulf of Aden


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3 Responses

  1. Weregnea Hzb says:

    Felas, what are you doing apart from making stories? why you do not engage in solving your shame countries myriad problems than churning hate and blaming your compatriots? who is supposed to solve your problem? Dedeb Hzb

  2. Mekdelawity says:

    Is there any word to describe this? why why?….What happend? Ethiopia with out Ethiopians, is this the purpose? WE need to open our mind otherwise soon we will be the next Palistanian, a peaple with out country, disable, and disappeared foreever. This is the time to become one. this is the time to tell the truth. WE have to change our view about each other. Ethiopia is for Ethiopians, Ethiopia is one country. They divided us, they inject the hate poison into uor vein, and we let them, we gave them our hands without objection. They wash our hands by our own brothers and sisters blood. They told us to smell it not to wash it, because they are free to do what ever they want to do. Wake up,Eritrians, Your DNA is ETHIOPIAN!!!!!

  3. Nesredin says:

    Queen Azeb Mesfin and her late husband Meles Zenawi happen to be citizens of Yemen. Ethiopia had been almost a territory of Yemen for the last 21 years.Queen Azeb is part of the human trafiking scam making her responsible for the untimely death of plenty of diasporans including these 72 voyagers.

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