Eskender Nega wins PEN America’s “Freedom to Write” award


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  1. Dagmawi J. says:

    We hope, Mr. Obama will say something to his gust Meles Zenawi at the G8 meeting to be held in USA in the coming days to stop the harsh handling that is crushing the free media in Ethiopia. It is the US people aid money that is invested to purchase jamming technology with jamming specialists. Yes Mr. obama should say some words about this back warded, barbaric and shameful act committed by his selected gust, because it is not only the Ethiopian free media but it is also VOA victimized by this campaign.
    MR. obama; the people of USA is paying money for two opposite acts concerning VOA, they are paying to your government for the operational activities of VOA and at the same time they are paying to Melese’s government for jamming of VOA. It is not fair to waste money for such meaningless activities in this time that is engulfed by severe economic hardships. Stop Meles and help VOA and the free media in Ethiopia or stop VOA.

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