The restoration of Ethio-Qatar diplomacy and the fate of Armed opposition groups?


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10 Responses

  1. Yemaymesil says:

    ” With an official growth rate of 11%, Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and is luring foreign investors to boost its economy further, with the aim of achieving middle income status by 2025.”

    No electricity ( It is by fereka ), No water, No food, No job, no justice, no hope and yet they keep vomiting the same bullshit of 11 % growth. Beshtegnoch nacnew. Ye ebid sibsib.

    This dedeb pente Halemeles is receiving order from the dead spirit of his dad evil Meles. Now he try to lecture us the same lie and garbage we have heard for 21 years.

    • chala says:

      the only people who get mad when they hear there country good news are the extremist ethiopian diaspora.

      they feel seek when ever they here ethiopia is doing well in this or that.

      The good thing is millions are happy to see those extremist cry as what ever makes them cry is make most ethiopians happy.

      Isayas and G7/ESAT hopes are fading fast…..

      All there hope are gone one by one.

      First libya gadafi
      then egypt mubarek
      then there last chance qatar

      CRY BABY CRY and makes us happy

  2. derege says:

    11% growth for which period? 2010, 2011? can you cite a credible document?

  3. Dave says:

    Well done. ESAT is now in danger. Believe me!

  4. Dave says:

    folks, I know most of you spend your time listening AZMARIS and you have no chance to read the basic principle of Economics.

    David Shinn and Susan Rice know you better than me. kikikiki

  5. tjmax says:

    Ethiopian by kind measurement did not grow that all experts and economist can testify. Anayway, people like you lack to see thing with crtical mind. Leave our simba persident alone, Eritrea no thing to do, when will you understand Economics 101. next time no Hallucinations. okay agamino

    • shabait says:

      Eritrea lost her last friend to Ethiopia. Ethiopia will get more investment from the Arabs. There is moere chnace in the period of hailemariam to see more roads, buildings. Ethiopian in America you have to do some thing possible. Stop barking and think logik( tsaeda afncha} Now who is going to support the expenses of ESAT and ethiopianreview?

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