Former US President, George W.Bush Accidentally Votes For Obama


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22 Responses

  1. mesfin says:

    i have a big Respect for George W bush as person He is a kind- hearted person and even though he made a human error like everybody else i think he had Obama on his heart in spite of his family’s opinion on voting for Obama -specially Jeff.I m from africa and admire him how he helped that continentmore than any presideneven clinton -a President africans love him .

    • Tejo Ke Mazoria says:

      Don’t be silly my man, It is not about Bush, it is about the Republican Party, and that is not for the sake of poor Ethiopian but for Economical colonization.

  2. YB says:

    I don’t think this story is true. Please make sure stories are real before posting. Now I am not sure whether to believe anything I read on this site.

    • adamu says:

      YB, Why don’t you go to google before questioning its accuracy?

      • AP says:

        This story is not true. The source is which is a satirical website that fully admits that their stories are not true if you read their “About” page.

      • tt says:

        This man is really a good man. I kind of like him, he exemplifies innocence. I am not comfortable with those voting machines – I tell you I voted for judges that I have never heard their names before. Further, I had to vote on Issues I cared little for. MR. Bush is right, those machines need rehabilitation (?).

    • Bisrat says:

      You seem to be surprised by the former president Bush’s obvious mistakes. Former president George W Bush mistakenly called Africa as a nation. Mr. Bush said word by word, “We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease.” —President George W. Bush, at a news conference in Europe, June 14, 2001″. Hence, I m not surprised by George W Bush’s stumbling significances!

      • Tesfaye says:

        Hat-off and Bravo man!You exactly talked the truth behind iliterate Bush whose personal and leadership qualities has totally matched with his very low life profile..For others who wanted to know more about The True Life Story of G.w bush(junior) please read the book called The Stupid White Man by Micheal Moore(bush’s classmate)…thanks!

  3. dinky says:

    This discussion over the article’s truth is unnecessary, the last two lines read:


    Editor’s Note: The daily currant is an English language online satirical newspaper whose stories are purely fictional.

  4. Nick says:


    Please post as satirical news as the origin is the daily currant (a satarical news outlet).

  5. Bozo says:

    ‘Listen Well,
    Mr. Bush,
    We say farewell
    to you with pair of shoes.’
    Iraqi children’s chant

    He’ll never stop embarrassing America. This is not the last time we’re going to hear from ‘W’

  6. Amy says:

    The source, The Daily Currant, is a satirical newspaper. This is comedy, not reality. Please check the veracity of your sources.

  7. Chu says:

    guys this is just a poltical satire. Awramba Times what’s wrong with you guys? I never thought you guys would be be this gullable.

  8. At says:

    George Bush should have taken Carl Rove with him to guide him what to do. After all Carl Rove has been Bush’s brain most of his adult life. I always wonder how in the world Mr. Bush became the president of United State for two terms.

  9. Do you all understand waht “satire” and “fictional” mean??!! Please read the “Note” at the end of the satirical statements!!!

  10. The writer of this story should be embarrassed for sourcing without doing their research on the source. This story is a FAKE , the Daily Currant is an online satirical newspaper, their stories are purely fictional as per their about page.

  11. Yewnet says:

    The daily current, The onion… are the fiction not real news medias, and other media refer awranbatimes…

    Q. Are your newstories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.

  12. true says:

    Duh what a hoax. How come Awramba doesn’t know
    is a hoax satirical websites. please remove this

  13. Spencer says:

    “Editor’s Note: The daily currant is an English language online satirical newspaper whose stories are purely fictional.”

    Looking at all the comments you can tell how many people actually read the whole article. You can also tell the people who engage in partisan rhetoric and lack critical thinking.

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