Azeb Mesfin: Meles Zenawi’s death leaves EFFORT facing challenges


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14 Responses

  1. Yemaymesil says:

    Dedeb sint yetemare sew balebet hager and galemota sira askiyaj sibal yasaznal.
    Azeb Ahyit you better follow your dead evil husband.

  2. abichu says:

    Parallel government at its best. There are two regimes in Ethiopia: The toothless Federal Government and the Shadow TPLF government with its own political, economical and millitary power. I feel sad for these people when I think of how they accumulated the capital for EFFORT. It was by looting, theft, and corruption. They even took that 35 million dollar Israel Paid to Ethiopia during the Derg regime for allowing the Ethiopian Jewish to go to Israel. EFFORT’s base is blood money. They took the property of all ethiopians and gave it to Tigray. Do you think God will pass this unpunished? I don’t think so. But please don’t misunderstood me that I am jelouse of the Tigrauy People. No No No. They are part of me and would be happy if they are benefitted. I am opposing the principle!!! Tigray is my province too where I can go and work but TPLF doesn’t allow ethiopians to live and work outside their ethinic border. The Irony is TPLF allows Tigrians to work and live in other regions. God is in charge. What a shame, what a sin!! We have started to see God’s judgement and it will continue.

    God bless Ethiopia, God bless the people of Tigray.

  3. Azanaw says:

    Manen lemasdeset new azeb lay endih yemitberetaw?

  4. Belete says:

    Azeb you are the best first lady ever in Africa. Teach this white noses what dedication is. Azeb go go.. let the dogs bark. You know they dont bite. You the first and the best go ahead with your plan and meet your objectives.

    Azeb we are with you!

    • Rekik says:

      @ Belete, Are U serious it is from Africa? I thought Azeb was the best first lady ever in the WORLD ):Hahahaha):
      I really hate to say a person STUPID but today,I never hesitate to say you “STUPID” because you deserve it and I think you are. BTW what is your criteria and analysis to rank her as the best first lady from Africa? This all shows nothing but your ignorance.

    • Hagos says:

      Belete nech afincha ( adgi) lemalet feligesh new ? Stupid ass agame you thought Azeb is Tigre yu idiot. Azeb is 100% Gondere with not a single drop of agame blood. The issue should have been the principle not ethnicity but since you started it, here you have it all the bilions of dollars u looted from the Ethiopians for the past 21 years is in the hands of an Amhara woman from Gonder. See how she manipulates your retarded 15century tribalist brain by playing the Tigray card. She knows how narow minded you agames are. You stupid backward tribalist agames need at least 300 yrs to get tothe level of other Ethiopians.We grew out of tribal mentality and became Ethiopians centuries ago, but you agames cant even see outside your cave in the 21st century. What a disgrace to the human race to see people like you still exist in the world.

  5. Dechesa says:

    Ye mengist negade!? where a hell the money is going!? aha that is part of the 9billion lotted from Ethiopia and stored in the name of Azed and Meles in foreign banks!? No problem, Swize bank will soon freeze it and give it to their won people, as they did it for gadafi. The issue is that the poor Ethiopians are losing their merger money. For Azeb no problem, as she has enough under her matres, in these going on business companies at home, and there in UK, mainly the one in China….Gene endih ende Meles tilot tirig lemalet endeh mesgebigeb min yadergal? esum sayeblaw tebela….Yekoyal enji Fetari firdun aytewem! Melikam maseb tiru new! Ye ras hezeb ayzerefim! Neweregna mengist!

  6. alem says:

    meche yehone degemo azeben alekesen yemenekebrat?

  7. Ewnetim says:

    Guys do you know why your bark doesn’t scare any body? It is because you never discuss the issues which are very crucial to the people of Ethiopia, but as ego maniac as you know it all are you focus on character assassination. Focus! Focus! Focus!


  8. SEMERE HAILE says:

    “LEBBA SYKAFEL ENJI SYSERQ AYTALAM” Unofficiallly translatted to ” Group of thiefs Who are United to steal will end up fighting when divide the Stolen wealth among themselves”
    TPLF Looting Wing E.F.F.O.R.T(Endowment Fund For teh Rehabilitation of Tigrai) made Ethiopia its own pre-Signed Check book for the last 21 yrs of Zenawi’s Era,At this stage when The master mind of All the Crimes meles Zenawi died -it seems a division in between those his foot Soldiers and LOOTERS OF ETHIOPIA, their Looting net work seems to fall apart Slowely but Surely more than 2 months ago TPLF high Ranking official and EFFORTS Finance -head and Amazingly also “The Ethiopian Ministry of Revenue” head Flee Ethiopia to USA and currently Reside in the USA -Another TPLF high ranking Official Atakilti Hagos,Director of TPlf Civil Service(TPLF Cadre Recruting Agency) Head Left Ethiopia to Canada with his family Reportedly Seeking Political assylum in Canada.

  9. wretao says:

    if effort benfting only tigeray why allowed to work on the rest part of ethiopia
    wezro azebe dont cheat us u see the game is over u and the rest tplf wants to developing the so called tigray with the resourse collected from the other regions this is the type of colonization u know we know how we are explotted by effort the looted money

  10. Blen says:

    Is Azeb mesfin trying to give information regarding the cause of Meles Zenawi’s death, when she said “before Meles sacrificed his life” rather than saying “before Meles passed away”. Please listen her comment near 1 minute and 48 seconds in her speech.

  11. Mamuyee zz says:

    Thank you Azeb for your service to our country and to your love to our great leader Meles Zenawi!

    “Behind every strong man there is a strong woman!”

    One of the challenges of being strong would be to be hated by the lazy and the weak!

    Just ignore them!

    We love you! May God be with you and with your children!

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