The Nile, Egypt’s lifeline in the desert, comes under threat


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3 Responses

  1. Dechasa says:

    I think the last sentence above hold water. …efficient use of the water! Egypt could even thanked the upstream countries for forgiving their right to use their water for centuries. They left it for Egypt when they need it. But now Egypt has to come on board that these countries can~t afford not using the main river and its tributeris. It is unfair, and unacceptable to tell to the Ethiopian or Burundian farmer, site aside and die of poverty when the river is there but belling to Egypt farmers. Both as Muslim and Christian country, Egyptians can~t find such a feeling or mind written elsewhere in Duran or Bible. Hence, they have to start there. They have to be courage to accept changes! They can~t keep blind eyes to the starving farmers of the upstream countries. We were may be 15 or 29 million the time the agreement was signed…1929. Even that didn~t involved us! We now are 100 million. We wanted to live as they do. We can~t keep singing for our Nile, as we did for century. We will keep designing a win-win strategy to use and manage the Nile. Our strategy however include the fair access of Egyptiance to water. No mind in Ethiopia (at least to my knowledge) wish Egyptians die of water. We are responsible to keep them have access to water, but not in a way that we keep our self away from accessing it either!!!!!

    AS simple Ethiopian citizen encourage president Morsi, to engage to negotiation than pushing away opportunities. I see some irresponsible authorities or individuals encouraging entering to war, but this will fetch nothing, will even reduce or even might lead to the diversion of the natural course of the Nile to the east than to north.

    Let us join hands, we are all African, brothers and sisters, for sure we will find a lasting solution!

  2. bendo says:

    Abay Yigedebal
    Meles Yitawesal

    Esat tube been telling us Abay Dam is a lie created by melas to divert the attention from Arab Spring….

    Lets stop the cheep politices of extrimist diaspora opposition politics that says we don’t need development as far as it is done by EPRDF or Abebe gelaw politics that says we don’t need food now while he is spending most of his day in DC habesha restorant eating Kurte SIGA.

    Atleast lets UTD in one thing and make our country proud,

  3. Hagere says:

    This issue is not new and Egypt downplays for centuries the need of the upstream nations. Instead of directly engaging with upstream nations, the Mubarak government spending millions of dollars to sabotage the development of the upstream nations for years as the intelligence news revealed.
    The time has come now at least to say thank you to the nations whose citizens dying for years for the life of Egyptians. The new Egyptians government need to educate its citizens to be thankful the upstream nations instead of taking for granted. Mubarak was not ready to negotiate a common term between nations; instead he was threatening to go to war…that’s even worst. Bullying is not 21st century language anymore. The superpowers didn’t benefit as history is telling us. Threatening might worked in GB colonial era but not now. Egypt is saying my way or highway. Mubarak’s Egypt has a very huge project to direct the Nile water to more areas to create new desert cities, which is an insult to the upper-stream nations. Mubarak should come to his common senses to deal a common ground for all. Ethiopia where 85% of the water is coming from and other nations has no any intention to use the Nile to kill the Egyptians; but also will not accept any unilateral veto power granted by GB during passed colonial era. We must be changed with the need of with our ever growing population. Egypt is putting the importance of its population above and over the benefit and life of the population of upper stream nations. By the way, does Egypt recognize the problem? If yes, what is Egypt’s solution for this inevitable water crisis? I suggest, Egypt should stop bullying by coming to the table to work for a common goal of all nations and their desperate people. Egypt must educate its citizen about water conservation. Instead of spending billions of dollars to stoke-pile arms to show its muscle, Egypt should divert that money for better and common benefit to promote peace for facilitating confidence among all stakeholders. The people in the upper stream nations are dying now due to hunger and poverty anyway. Dying now due hunger and poverty or dying by the so called war what Egypt is preaching, is both death. Egypt need to work for peace to achieve a common goal. It is possible…it is a political will away!
    Let’s pull together all means for the sake of peace; it’s far cheaper than what the war costs Egypt!
    Finally, it is not clear what the writer, Jeffrey Fleishman want us to say. If the writer is a part of lobbying group, it is understandable.

    Peace to all!

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