What Should Ethiopians Expect in a Second Obama Term? (Prof. Al Mariam)


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10 Responses

  1. DemMelash says:

    Just keep up barking on the Streets of American cities while the hardworking opressed Ethiopian Nationalities will keep on building a democratic system on the ruins of reactionaries such as yourself, who will never get the opportunity to go back to ETHIOPIA.

    Up with EPRDF
    Down with all reactionaries.

    • Yenu says:

      I am sure you are not one of those oppressed; you are the oppressor waiting to go to the Hague sooner than later, murderer!

  2. belihu says:

    We are fighting against brutal dictatorial despotism in Ethiopia while we are witnessing the asceding of Obama to a despot in America. The Ethiopian academia, “yemihuran Iwiran” are leading the way in support of this rising powerful despot, Obama. Obama used the same tools found in dictator’s toolbox to win for second term. He used the differences in ethinicity, gender, race, life styles, lies, scare tactics, government dependency(high tech slavery) and above all distorting the clear difference that exists between a right and a priviledge. The ihapas, the meisons and the woyanes, who are despots born in the same decade, rotting in the same era are the big supporters of Obama because he renews their same belief in socialism(thievery). The youth, unfortunately, time and time again has always been used by all socialist despots to agitate and advance their agenda. Obama is a celebrity, NOT a presidential at all. It is unfortunate tyranical despotism that chased me out of my beloved Ethiopia has followed me to America with a little twist starting as bureaucratic despotism. You useful idiots out there, do not see the similarity between Meles and Obama. I pray for you. Despots are aging and passing, Ethiopia still standing!!!! God bring peace to this nation.

  3. chala says:

    Obama said it all.

    Change need to come from inside.

    Our failure is this we always expect some one else to do our job for us. obama worked day and night with out sleep and fight starting from grass root inside his people to made the change he is dreaming.

    And if we want a change in ethiopia we all have to a lot of work to do.

    if we call it we are a freedom fighter b/c we write in a weekley bases online or making meeting in 5 star hotel around the world and expect change to happen 8000 miles away from where we live that i call it A DAY DREAM.

    Face the reality and start walt the walk not only talking and begging obama to do your job.

    • Gonffa says:

      I fully agree we should not expect any thing from Obama or east or west we should work hard and fight to bring change In Ethiopia , every one can recall the recent incident happened against the two Monesters Meles and the pop there is all ways good reason to thrust in God And work hard united to defeat woyane
      God is great

  4. Mulat says:

    In 2008
    Prof Al Mariam, Dergue Junta, Feudal remnants & other anti-ethiopia groups voted for Obama.

    Mr. President, we Ethiopian Americans as a whole voted for you, you should have a reply for us. Report card which represent EPRDF submitted.

    What can I do for you ? Asked Mr. President,

    We want you to get ride of EPRDF/TPLF that is why we voted for you.

    Obama called Zenawi & told him that he is ordered by Ethiopian Americans who voted for him in order to over throw Zenwi’s weyane government !

    At the time Zenawi laughed & asked Obama “Is that what they wanted from you ?”
    Obama replied “Yes that is it !”
    Zenawi said to Obama they are “IDIOTS”, Obama accepted IDIOT best fit for them & echoed to his staff Ethiopian Americans who voted for me to get ride of EPRDF/TPLF by using my presidency are IDIOT’s, therefore, please keep calling them IDIOT’s while you meet them.

    President Obama’s staff echoed the name given to anti Ethiopian Americans inside motherland by quoting ” He used to call them Idiots, they are Idiots”

    2012 US election came & Idiots divided, Pro Al Mariam asked Idiots to vote for Obama. You Idiot how come you sidelined with Obama, Idiot is for you, we are not Idiots so we’ll vote for Mitt Roomny.

    Idiot Al Mariam faction Idiots voted for Obama & other Idiots voted for Roomny.

    Al Mariam faction Idiots succeeded & Anti Al Mariam Idiots have got their Red & Idiot Card with them.

    Both Idiots remain to convince one Idiot to other Idiot.

    We laughed by nature of Idiots.

    ” Idiot Awakening !”

    • chala says:

      I think this time is different..

      Obama is ordering a plane career ship to bomb Addis like Tripoli so there is hope.

      but he is worried and been heared said if i did this and change the gov. in ethiopia those freedom fighters in USA who are the best income for our hotels by making meeting after meeting will go and that will affect American economy.

      So he is accepting the advice of the next secretory of state Susan Rice to make sure the money collected from the idiots by the idiots to be spent in America.

      So done deal.

      By the way how come Al-mariam the co-owner of Ethiopian review now have different idea than Elias Kifle.

      Isayas paying for two people and they talk two different things? money not well spent for isayas.

  5. Beletu says:

    It is really shame to read repeated and frequent hared based articles from the so called prof.I question myself what eduction is all about if it is full of arogance and based on unjustified evidece.Is he really a professor?

  6. Tedla Asfaw says:

    I am afraid Obama’s policy of second term towards African countries including Ethiopia will get little time due to major domestic problems in USA. President Obama might visit Kenya before the end of his term to connect with his father birth place and meet relatives.However, If the Kenya coming election ended up in tribal warfare like the previous one he might not visit Kenya.
    Let us not forget the unexpected too. If there is a major attack on USA by Al Qaeda like 9/11 then all will be towards fighting Al Qaeda. Obama might end up like George Bush as President of War on terror.
    Ethiopia’s problem can only be solved by our people. If Ethiopians rise up to change a regime Obama will not stand on their way. Even if he tried he will fail. A good example is Egypt under Mubarak.
    In general President Obama has no agenda for Africa in his second term. We will remember him as someone who look like us but did less for our continent. Obama’s second term will focus on Asia to contain China. Burma’s visit is not about human rights, it is about winning Burma from China. Africa will be left for its own dictators who will serve USA interest on a war against terror.
    The West African rulers are now mobilizing to start a war in North Mali against Al Qaeda affiliates who controlled the area early this year.This war will be similar to the war in the Horn against Al Shabab. USA is helping all these war efforts and care less on what is going on in these areas.
    Human rights, accountability and transparency are all gone, covert war on Al Qaeda is what Obama’s second term in Africa will cover. If we have Susan Rice as Secretary of State it will be a total disaster because of her personal relationship with brutal regimes like that of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Diaspora first home work in Obama’s second term is to organize and sign petition against nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State. Let us be a real community activist like Obama.

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