Post-Meles Ethiopia faces uncertainty


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5 Responses

  1. Dechasa says:

    Well! I think one has to not undermine such research out puts! the new PM HD and his crines should take this serious! I mean there is no more they can do in secrete! It will far good for all us Ethiopians if
    1. the government will be more transparent,
    2. invite oppositions to discuss and work with (but this need a mind set that think in politics opposition means not enemy! It is just an opponent wanted to take the leadership, and lead the country as they see it better. Opposition camp also shouldn’t consider the government as enemy, as government people also think Ethiopia has to be led the way they see it good)
    3. government should release political prisinors (i think these will be even an entry point where Egypt can play with to disintegrate us…build a gig gap between government and the people
    4. improve the relationship between government and people (the government should not be fooled by the scene that people showed a deep grief for the late PM, and that means they are on the side of the government…this is false and misleading!
    5. work hard on the inflation and try to improve livelihood
    6. above all give the new Pm exrecie his ful mind and authority
    7. berekt and his group should stop interfering him
    8. government should negotiate with Muslim and try to reply to their calim differently
    9. government should stop interfering Orthodox church in assigning her Partairc

    these will bring us more together! make us more one, more strong!

    ….pls Dawite add on it

  2. bendo says:

    Sew kalmote Aymesgenim yemibalew yeseraw be meles naew.

    Journalist, Politician, Billioners, economists, leaders

    All are agreed and spoken the same word.

    The guy is Intellectual he is one in a century person.

    Melas you will be missed but you made a new thinkers of millions young melas who want to see there country progress and for that as you said it the only way out is WORK WORK and hard work.

    not sitting and talking from far away.

    • The Truth says:


      Don’t be folish. Meles is and still will be admired by those who got benefit from his tribal mission and agenda not the poor ethiopian people. In addition, the west (UK,US, etc.) were the once who brought him to power,helped them for their national interest at the expense of ethiopia and ethiopains and he systematically convinced them that those who opposed him at home are only the old guard of DERG and the so colled revious rulers to go back to the old way of life. He was so smart in acheiving that. He buried a time bomb which will explode from time to time and destroy ethiopia and ethiopians for the years to come. Unfortunatelly that is the truth.

  3. henok says:

    Three months ago many researchers /dreamer/ were talling us that after Meles Ethiopia will be collapse, this is the end of EPRDF, Ethiopia will be like Syria……..etc. anyway this kind of news is to written to make happy the depressed Diaspora.

    • bay medfu says:

      Ethioia melese selemote atwedkem melese begezabet gize enkuan alwedekechem.tselotwana yehezbochua andenetachew eskahun akoyetoatal wedefitem yakoyatal endemelesena tplf party bihone nuro ethiopia atnorem neber.del lethiopia hezb ethiopian andenetoan yeza menese hizbua bisekayoum italian endachenefu tplf endemiachenfu emune new

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