Courting foreign waves Ethiopian way (Hindessa Abdul)


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7 Responses

  1. Name Required says:

    The lip less lip reader Hindessa Abdul.
    “Olf” is a unit used to
    measure the strength of a
    pollution source. It was
    introduced by Danish professor
    P. Ole Fanger;
    the name “Olf”
    is derived from the Latin word
    olfactus, meaning “smelled”.
    One Olf is the sensory pollution
    strength from a standard
    person defined as an average
    adult working in an office or
    similar non–industrial
    workplace, sedentary and in
    thermal comfort, with a
    hygienic standard equivalent of
    0.7 baths per day and whose
    skin has a total area of 1.8
    square metres. It was defined
    to quantify the strength of
    pollution sources which can be
    perceived by humans.
    The perceived air quality is
    measured in Decipol.
    Q. How many Decipol’s is Mr. Hindessa Abdul ????

  2. Bendo says:

    This we call it EPRDF diplomacy.
    good relationship with All AFRICA, CHINA, USA and now ARAB Countries
    well i mean except the wired lonely country ARe TERA.

  3. Asrat Tadesse says:

    The writer believes Jazeera(a media company) than Eritrea (a government) was at the heart of the problem between the two countries:too narrow and very selfserving, thus misleading. The attempt to draw a parallel between Jazeera and NTV, on the one hand and Quatar and Kenya, on the other, would not work. Kenya and Ethiopia remained friends.
    Arround the same time Ethiopia and Qatar severed their relations, Ethiopia had another problem with Norway. Eritrea was the culprit here too, not Norwegian TV.

  4. Meron says:

    Our great grand father are turning in their grave, how can a dirty arab after killing our sisters in brutal way in their country can be invited to touch our land in their feet. I wish there was men left like king Minilik or Tedros they would have shown them. Today we have this idiots like sebhat nega and a bunch of tigre thugs making us ashamed of our country more than any other time. Fleeing from the despot junta they flee in a country they don’t know and in order to survive but those animalistic viscious arabs are brutally torturing and killing them. While the tigray regime selling in back door and their land to arabs and making itself a fat pig. Why is it not enough men who stand up and sacrifice itself in defending our land and our dignity to stop the arabs from comming in our country and to stop the mass influx of our people and to eliminate the tigray junta. What’s it left for you, you have lost your dignity while a foreigner is respected in your country but you don’t have the right in your own country what is it going to take? why? and when are you going to stand up for your right and say enough my land is not for sale, my people are not going to flee from their country, what’s it do you think tplf ignorant from a country side uneducated mass murderers has that you don’t have. Your worst enemy is rightly so but surly is the sheik al hamudi he definetly taking the seen behind and selling your land and dignity and treating you like a cattle. The first person you need to kick out is him and his collaborators. If you don’t take action now you may end up like Israeli Jews who lost their land or Armenian don’t lose you wisdom you either live or die. I would rather die free than living dead. Your mothers, fathers, brother and sister are killed in front of your eye. You are kicked out of your land and given to a forigner, your resources are taken from you while you and you family starve it’s given to tigray….what’s it going to take, you haven’t learn from north africa, or from history no one is going to give you, your freedom you but no one. What happen to Ethiopianism once we been inspirational for opressed people but today we can’t even be for ourselves. No shame but this an Ethiopian crucified in Arab country and the so called government doesn’t even request the right of a citizen. What they don’t know is they are been looked down for what happen if anyone do to one of us it is looked up on all of us. This is the stupid narrow minded ethnic based fradulant ethnic fake government which is not even elected legitmatly.
    What do you expect but I expect from our men and women to stand up for our right to die for our freedom!

  5. Henock says:

    @ meron
    I have been reading you comments all the time and i can tell you that you are pro-shabia- Eritrean. Do you know why?
    A, they are mad at Tigrians and insult them every second. Because, they are aggressive like their master Italians.
    B, they don’t write any comment without the words “Tigre, Agame or Tigray”. Because, they believe that Tigrian turn Eritrea from Singapore to single-poor.
    C, they try to be better Ethiopia than others. Because, they know that they are foreigners
    D, they have slavery mentality. Because they are slaves and they believe that there is a master and slave in the world. They see Arebs and white as a master, Eritreans as a super slave and other Africans as a low slaves.
    E, they always comment as concerned amhara- Ethiopian or nationalist. Because, they want everyone to believes them without suspect and to create conflict between amhara and Tigrians.
    F, they try to separate Tigray from Ethiopia. Because, they want to divided Ethiopia.
    G, they don’t want any development activity in Ethiopia. Because, they believe that if we developed we will wipe them from the earth. Kabezachut ayqerm! lol

  6. aba dulla says:

    good analysis…

  7. Alem Habtu says:


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