What are the potential weaknesses of the opposition bloc? (Beljig Ali)


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  1. al says:

    Beljig – kesedebegn yenegergn’ goes the old proverb. Repeatedly mentioned about the weakness of opposition forces, its is to say that, I guess. Would you be able to be a little more precise about what happened to unity and alliance formed since woyane came to power. Kinijit was a good example, of coures, but what about your organaiazation EPRP? I do not want to use any clumsy argument here and would like to remind you to be sensior about what you gys saying. If you ask me about my worst fear in regards to opposition forces and post woyane era? Then, it is the EPRP, AN ORGANIZATION that will mess the fabrics of our politiclal life. I know why the editor of this page praised you – not because you wrote something relevant but just because you menetioned the name of the so called forgotten journalist…

    • Alpha says:

      The So called ‘THAT GENERATION”, or the EPRP Generation are all mess creators. they are the Horse of the Cart that only sees forward but no side ways. Let The EPRP generation vanishes form the Earth, Ethiopia will resurrect!!!

    • chala says:

      I think the opposition main problem is the love of short cut to glory mentality. They alwayes want some one else to do there job.
      The poor in ethiopia or the west to do there job.
      look Dr. Birhanue when young people fighting and die in 1970 he run away to USA and waited others to die and change the gov. then when EPRDF won he go back to Addis to become a political party leader then when the game get tough he run away again and now he is asking others to die for him and he want to go as a hero.
      this is a ZERO SUM politics.
      what do you expects from IDIOTS.

  2. henok says:

    “What are the potential weaknesses of the opposition bloc?”

  3. Solomon says:

    Beljig: below are my answers to you:


  4. Dave says:

    The fact is that EPRDF is TOO STRONG for any of the opposition parties.
    EPRDF for another 50 years! Ask S.Rice and D.Shinn.

  5. Dave says:

    Dear Dawit Awramba,

    This article is very important and it’s time for opposition to do reality check. Can you arrange an interview with some opposition leaders?

  6. Munira4 says:

    Allah is Great !

    No need western oriented party, opposition what ethiopia should have.

    Please join the struggle by Muslims of Ethiopia to get ride of Weyane Government instead of barking abroad.

    We will get ride of Dictators & work to develop “The Islamic Republic of Ethiopia”

    The Islamic Republic of Ethiopia will be a member of the Arab League which is working towards Peace, we don’t want Western influence.

    Allah is great & will keep the islamic republic of ethiopia from western based religion, politics, dictatorship, ………………….

    • mohammed says:


      Stop propagete hate.Ethiopia will never be another afghanistan,no to stupid fanatic like you,if you are a muslim like me .but i dont think you are muslim.Muslim is peace

  7. Tatek says:

    It is heartbreaking to see the Ethiopian opposition very fragmented and crippled. For me there are some reasons beyond their inability to form a formidable alliance. As an opposition bloc fighting a serpents’ group like TPLF, there is no question that forming a formidable unity is of a paramount importance. But the opposition parties need to exercise democracy in their own bedroom before they attempt to form an alliance – for the alliance that is formed by an undemocratic opposition lacks any weight to take on any one and beat them. But there is one thing that needs to be clear: if an election had to be held today in a free, transparent and fair manner in Ethiopia, my bet is that even the almost vanished EPRP would beat the TPLF by a wide margin – not because people might want the EPRP but because Ethiopians want to throw the TPLF in a dust bin, period. For me, the main opposition parties, OLF, GINBOT 7, Medrek, ONLF call what – are not democratic themselves and as a result unable to rally people behind them. If indeed the OLF were quite democratic and could keep its own house in order thereby capturing every Oromos’ heart, Meles Zenawi wouldn’t be in power even for months. To the dead serpent’s credit he once stated this in an ETV interview, saying ‘’if the Oromos wanted to cede, no army could stop them from doing so and as we knew this, we made sure we put article 39 in the Constitution’’. Meles knew nothing could stop a united opposition from ousting him from power and he successfully worked to divide the opposition at any cost, mainly the Oromo and Amhara ones. For me, the opposition parties need to exercise democracy first, hold elections, change their leaders and executive members in a free and fair way to the satisfaction of their members and Ethiopians, convince and rally the people behind them by telling them that they are indeed a credible alternative to the Govt that’s bleeding them for years and get ready to take the necessary steps with the people to bring about change.

  8. chala says:

    I think the opposition main problem is the love of short cut to glory mentality.
    they alwayes want some one else to do there job.
    the poor in ethiopia or the west want to do there job.
    look Dr. Birhanue when young people fighting and die in 1970 he run away to USA and waited others to die and change the gov. then when EPRDF won he go back to Addis to become a political party leader then when the game get tough he run away again and now he is asking others to die for him and he want to go as a hero.
    this is a ZERO SUM politics.
    what do you expects from IDIOTS.

  9. Melaku says:

    Religious freedom need to be demanded by the oppositions much more. In countries like USA homeless life standard is equivalent to the life standard of the middle class Ethiopian.The homeless in USA get free food and free clothing from missionaries and volunteers. If we see the case of Ethiopia the volunteers that are supposed to help the homeless end up taking the food and the clothes to their homes or sell it for money.The need to start a rescue mission that will have an honest impact on Addis Ababa’s poor is long overdue.Religious freedom will definately bring transformation on the life standard of the poor in Ethiopia.

  10. henok says:

    Awramba,where is my comment?

  11. meron says:

    The biggest failure is not being able to learn from the past. Not being like Mandela, Martin Luther king, Mahatma Gandhi…to see beyond oneself, try to lead by example, to be selfless, to be humble, hunger for power, not having a vision for the future generation to leave a country that will be there as it was left for us by our forfathers. Not wanting to pay the price one self but sitting and criticizing someone else. Letting our women to be sold like slave while the men have lost their courage and let one ignorant minority group to tare it apart as it desire and discard it. Not being able to compromise among different ethnic group to have a country before ethnicity and power. To have become an embaracement for not only for the country but for the continent of Africa.

    If you could see beyond your BS for a moment you would have courage to organize at least those of us who want to go and sacrifice ourselves to challeng the new generation to awaken to live with dignity.
    I’ll give you one idea there is no one as Israel’s in Europe that has suffered the humuliation and brutality of Hitler but they never saw their numbers or gender or anything else to limit them from their struggel. Learn from I and II WW(world war one and two) the young men and women old and children went under ground and fought as under cover why we Ethiopian who fought against the foreign invadors in the early 1900 with out any modern machine to fight against mussolini when we think we couldn’t we fought until the end and took our lives. Todays Ethiopian young heroe’s are without firing one bullent they kill themselves. When are we going to wake up before it’s to late if it’s not already late fighting the ethnocentric government who is selling our country behind the seen. Another one is how can they respect us they kill and torcher and waking freely and you sit and sip coffee with this murderers that is the day you die those who murder our family walk freely in North America and Europe and you are not doing anything about it.

    I am not ashamed to tell you it’s shame on you. at least let us organise those of us who want to go and defend our country like minded one to find a venue to fight this embarasing shameful, inhumane tigre junta from the power if not from our country.

    I’m not backing up from this I’m ready to go and fight and die for my people. I rather die than to see my people suffer in their own country and in arab countries I don’t know which one is the worst. One thing I know I’m angry like hell to watch everyday and to go with my life as usual. I don’t have that kind of concious I don’t know what’s going to take for most of you.
    I’ll hope the recent brutality have weaken most of yours emotion.
    God of Israel will protect Ethiopia and Ethiopian but we have to fight for our freedom

  12. Germame Neway says:

    Belijg’s piece is much ado about nothing..it is mostly whining about the undefined and illusive so called “opposition”. All this article does is spark or trigger the virulent anti EPRP crowd which Seldom find an scapegoat for all mishaps done probably mitt romney’s loss for US PRESIDENCY. Unfortunately that may include Beljig’s infinite “wisdom” to discover some “intelligent advice” -a teaching moment- from professor Susan Rice to label the opposition as “idiots” agreeing with the “great leader” the deceased Meles . Beljig’s wise pen so oblivious to most of us Ethiopians pin pointed the wax and gold of Ms rice’s counseling for the gullible Ethiopian elites. Bravo belijig..what is next in your “new” occupation of punditry?

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