Tikur Sew Speaks


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3 Responses

  1. Mohamed says:

    Islam is the solution !

    Allah Ak bar ! Allah is Great !

    Only following the Principles of Allah will guide Ethiopia & its people to Peace, Development, Prosperity………………..

    Other western oriented believe & politics have already put us on this kind of misery. Allah is Great & will not leave us like this.

    Please join the muslim peoples struggle inside Ethiopia & build the New, Great, Developed Ethiopia which is following Allah’s Law ” Islamic Republic of Ethiopia”

    Allah will save the Islamic Republic of Ethiopia for the best of all its people.

    Allah Ak bar !

    • Africa says:

      Mohamed, It is really sad to read what you have posted here, so, what you want is Islamic Republic of Ethiopia is that right? wood, if that is what you want go to heal and your garbage mind..it seems like you have no clue of Ethiopia…tell me who gave you home when you were kicked out from Mideast? to answer it for you it was Ethiopia in great love, now you want to turn it to your garbage. you will never make it, PERIOD.

  2. muktar says:

    for Muhammed, what ever real ur name, it seems for mean you want to create suspicion against muslims goal in their struggle for basic human rights. Its well known tactic of wayanne to talk in z name of Muslims so that to justify its oppression and massacres as legitimate measures to stop extremism.I can see from above comment by Africa some ppl easily fall for such evil traps by Wayyanne.A wayynne cadre comment using a moslim name should not fool us and pit one another in hostility so that we all be sacrified in to strengthen wayannes power grip

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