Ethiopia to send public diplomacy delegates while Cairo pushes Ethiopia to scrap the dam.


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13 Responses

  1. Bhart says:

    Are you kidding me? This is a group constituted by the Egyptian embassy in Ethiopia. Some years back as part of the Nile Basin Initiative, Amare and the embassy created this NBI media group and Amare had even sent one of his reporter. The embassy pays for everything and the media is supposed to bid for Egypt, avoid stories that may antagonose egypt.
    Ask them this question: Who is paying for the trip and accomodation? It is neither the Ethiopia government nor themselves.

    • Mez says:

      How do you know that the group is constituted by the Egyptian embassy in Addis?

      And why do you believe that these selected peoples (for this public diplomacy trip) would hurt the interest of Ethiopia?

  2. leila says:

    Why is woyane sending diplomacy? woyane got scared? Just stop the dam and do not make any agreement because you do not have the capacity to do anything. Beggars.

  3. Dave says:

    Traditionally, Ethiopians are negative about new ideas. But, let us give support for these delegates.

  4. Amare says:

    As various groups who oppose TPLF lead government said planing of Renaissance Dam on nile river is for sake of diverting the people of ethiopia from standing against its rule & get ride of TPLF lead government. As predicted by those who say we are nice for ethiopia & its people Renaissance Dam is a headache for ‘Ethiopia Spring’ visionaries & Egypt who wanted to use Nile river without any other country. Egypt didn’t shy away to make Ethiopia unstable by any means possible.

    “It is impossible to stop the unstoppable” said & died the late leader.

    Those who want Arab like uprising to take place in ethiopia & Egypt who wanted unstable Ethiopia can’t buy the heart the people of ethiopia to make it happen.

    Arab countries lead & sponsored struggle for the right of ethiopia muslims issue tried & ongoing. The people of ethiopia now each other & don’t want suicide bombers to bread inside ethiopia. By the way it is impossible to hide any secret behind the double face people of ethiopia.

    Whatever so ever the secret is encrypted, to de crypt & the hidden secret is easy for double face hearted people of ethiopia.

    Nice to stand together for one Ethiopia which is home for all.

  5. getu says:

    I see some changes,whenever power compromise,people fill the void. The power vacume in Ethiopia is vivid and
    people who were on the back sit are comming forward. Be it real or a mask,
    it make sense! We should have not been waiting so long to use our historians!
    I think Eprdf has just realized the power of hisory when it start writing the hisory of its own best!

  6. balageru says:

    These are the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia. The hired guns of Egypt are Abebe Gelaw, Berhanu Nega and Tamagne and of course Isayas. People need to know the building of the dam is unstoppable. By the way there are 11 dams underconstruction now.

  7. henok says:

    የዲፕሎማሲው ፡ ተልእኮ ፡ ተሳክቶ ፡ ቢሆን ፡ ኖሮ ፦ ለአባይ ፡ ግድብ ፡ ማሰሪያ ፡ ገንዘብ ፡ ከአለም ፡ ባንክ ፡ ብድር ፡ በተገኘ ፡ ነበር ። ድሃውን ፡ ህዝብ ፡ገንዘብ ፡ አምጣ ፡ ብሎ ፡ መንግስት ፡ ባላስጨነቀ ፡ ነበር ።

  8. Bulbula says:

    Balageru. You are an as hole. Abebe gelaw is hero

  9. meron says:

    In stead of forcing the poor Ethiopian who can barly buy enough food to feed their families why don’t the dead mans wife the bad viscious lady all the stolen money that she and the tigre junta are stashing in foreign banks is not paid for the Nile Dam and in stead of on Ethiopian money from selling Oromo and Sidam coffee and our Gold and other mineral and resources including the money borrowed and donated by foreign government, Stop building tigray by our money and finish the Nile and the infrastructure and shools and clinics that will support to build a nation. Building one provice with out educating the mass is not making a country prosperous, in stead it’ll make us weak and others will prey on us since we don’t have the know how they will come as we see no and taking from farming to mining. But the tigres consider building a couple of building is progress, No ….you need to educate your people if you rely on others well I’ll leave the answer for you.

    Please, lean what PM Neru did in India for his people, he educated Indians and today India is well respected and smart the are on their way surpassing together with the chinese the American Economy.

    When will tigre dedebit will wake up, in stead of brutally abusing your own people respect our people and give them back their dignity and mass educate them and they will defend their country. Don’t be blind the Arabs are not your friend or care less about you remember today the bit and torture our women it could have been you. If one touch one Ethiopian it’s reflection on all of us. i would rather my people die in starvation in Ethiopia than sending them to Arab countries….I don’t know where you tigres came from I wonder sometimes.

  10. Ethiopia says:

    I love my country so much . I don’t trust EPRDF leaders at all but I will support them when our national interest is concerned. EPRDF lies about the decision the international court about Badem that I always remember the big lie ever by Seyoum Mesfin.Now, Do we believe EPRDF? I don’t think so but do we believe these public deplomacy team? I believe so but history will be witness. Love and peace for our Ethiopians. May God bless Ethiopia!!!

  11. letiti says:

    In general,Woyane can not be trusted in any issue or matter on Ethiopia and Ethiopians.Anything and everything in regards Egypt or any other issue will be dealt by Ethiopians;not by woyane,the enemy of our people and country.Yes,woyane is very close to be collapsing and get burried just like Zenawi is packed and cooked in his eternal grave.

    No kidding;first and foremost,Ethiopians must get rid of the enemy that is killing and destroying our country;then only will we deal the next enemy,Egypt.

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