Samuel Yirga Ushers In A Golden Age Of Ethiopian Music


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2 Responses

  1. Aya says:

    I have been one of the persons who admire the work of Samuel Yirga. However, I am very sorry about Samuel’s lie. He lied in front of Ethiopian people in 2008 Ethiopian new year. He said I was in eneta school.
    Eneta Yemibal T/bet neberhu. Eneta temariwn nekesut Ale.

    He lied this: he said I was in eneta school. I saw one day when eneta bite the student.”
    first of all, there is no school called eneta school. secondly there is no teacher called eneta. He could not mention the name of the school and teacher since he was not there. if he was there he could have been able to mention the name correctly.
    secondly, there is no teacher he who bites his student let alone spritual school. He is lying. he is stupid. all of you should know him that he lies. He lied today 9/12/2105. in Ethiopian calendar: it is September 1 2008 E.C.

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