Meles Zenawi’s legacy for the Horn of Africa (Aljazeera)


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11 Responses

  1. betty says:

    Abdi Ismail Samatar & Alshaabab have full untrimmed beard and moustache to use it as a safe haven. They wanted to keep their stuff untrimmed forever.

    World tried to clean or shave this untrimmed beard, moustache and longcock of Abdi Ismail Samatar and Al Shaabab since it is becaming dirty, have bad smell and polluting the world.
    World powers used a straight razor blades first then bullet and returned home without cleaning Islam dirt.

    Only Ethiopians know shaving dirty beard and moustache of Abdi Ismail Samatar, Al Shabab and their fellow dirts.

    Great Ethiopians shaved the untrimmed dirty beard, moustache and long cock of Al Shabab, Abdi Ismail Samatar and other extrimist dirty stuff, collected and burned infront of the world.

    Aljazeera is showing the world how ethiopians shaved and burned dirty, infectious and untouchable stuff of Al Shabab and Abdi Ismail Samatar.

  2. chala says:

    There is Three types of ethiopia in the media.

    1.ETV ethiopia that tells us every thingnis rosy. life in ethiopia is heaven.
    2. ESAT ethiopia that tell us life is hell in ethiopia and all bad thing in the world is happening and telling us there is nothing good.
    3. the west media bbc, Aljezera and others they say it is very promissing with a lot of good except some problem in the treatment of opposition.
    so the whole world and ETV says something good and ESAT predicts all bad.
    so whether it is true or not as i wish good to my country i prefer to belive other than ESAT medias.
    they dream day and night saying ethiopia life is over but will contiue to hear good.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Although this piece has listed some useful points about Meles’s legacy, the article clearly shows that the author is a Somali nationalist who dreams of a Greater Somalia and views neighbouring Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia with suspicion. Thus, it is not hard to see that the article is biased. Evidently, some of the points mentioned in the article are factually inaccurate or presented to deliberately mislead the reader. For example, the author wrote ‘Some of these [hydroelectric] dams were initiated illegally …’ But the author did not mention under which law this could be illegal.
    The other reality is that if Somalia was arming Ethiopian opposition groups during Barre’s era, that was not really for the benefit of Ethiopian people. Therefore, the opportunity to forge a more peaceful and collaborative relations with Somalia was not squandered by Meles’s regime. Meles knew that Somali nationalists will do exactly the same thing against his regime given the opportunity. I would like to suggest that Somali nationalists should stop viewing neighbouring countries with suspicion, drop their dream of forming Greater Somalia and concentrate on building their country. That way, regardless of which regime is in a neighbouring country, all countries in the Horn will prosper together.

  4. Andarg says:

    This is well taught and fact based analysis that I ever heard or read even from my fellow Ethiopian professionals. Thumbs up for the piece and look forward to hear from you. Well done Professor.

  5. dilnesaw says:

    This is a great read. It should be available to the TPLF and EPRDF cadres too. Unknowingly I went back to the ethio-eritrian border war between TPLF and Esayas Afewerki which left more than 100,000 dead bodies behind.
    It happens that the EPRDF has forgotten what they did to Ethiopians and what their beloved leader Zenawi did to the Ethiopians. He was never democrat & friend to Ethiopians. He was from the begening drunk of power and did everything only to keep his power intact.

    God/Alah bless Ethiopia, the 21 century devel is dead and gone for good.

  6. Sara says:

    Abdi Ismail Samatar

    “..hydroelectric dams built in ethiopia are illegal”

    Abdi didn’t show under which law it is illegal.

    The writer is Somalian with muslim religion, based on Shari ya law a somalia muslim suicide bomber who is killing another somalia muslim is legal.

    USA is bombing suicide bomber muslim who is legally killing its own muslim somalia, so it is illegal act by USA based on Abdi Ismail Samatars Religious law.

    Abdi Ismail Samatar is living inside USA who are killing somalia ns which illegal.

    Abdi Ismail Samatar is illegal as long as he is living in USA.

  7. Ethiopian says:

    “Abdi Ismail Samatar”…as soon as I noticed the man is a somali, I stoped reading it. What do we expect from a lost soul of a Somali….Shritam Ye Arab Qeet lASH!

  8. hunde says:

    I always wonder the weyande cadres are behaving like animals…. whether he is from Somali or Afar or Eriteria as long as he put the facts why don`t you challenge his facts. Yemanem dengay eras mechawecha honen eneker…. these guys are shameless and mindless…they voimit their rubbish everywhere…. their leaders are looting the country`s resource and pay them so that they can vomit even on these nutural websites…. wende tefa malet new lenezehi… sew mesay setanoch… o, my God…

  9. Kaddis says:

    Abdi Ismail Samatar

    “Ethiopian occupation of parts of the Somali Republic” – can you specify ? Crap!!

    • Gojeww says:

      @betty Lezby Perhaps the Abdi bear been unshaved for purpose of religeon matter like your papas what ever but you Tigre Gujelle never shaved your stinky Chigerr for long time so shave it before you vomiting here

  10. Moltot says:

    hunde, in principle, we can argue to convince Abdi as his article is a bit biased but to start or enter in discusison,the article should hold water. If not it is waste of time.
    In this case, I can say even if there are lot of facts in this article, like woyane privilege Tigray region (it was announced legalyl beTornetu yewedemu kililoche kQidimia yilemalu) somehting likt this is true.

    But building a dam is illegal for ethiopia? even if I disagree with all tplf, I agree on the dam question.

    So he is taking side. If you are journalist who follow a good journalistic rules and morales, you should be factual.

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