What is the purpose of a government? (Magn Nyang, PhD)


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2 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    Dr. Magn Nyang,

    Your Mom & Dad used to work 24/7 throughout their life time without payment & considered as servants/slaves of feudal & derg Amhara ethnic elites.

    If you don’t know ask your friends there, remnants of feudal & derge who escaped to usa before facing justice.

    TPLF freed your Mom & Dad from slavery. However you are educated you are still a slave of the Feudal & Derg Junta.

  2. wondinet says:

    Mogn Negn! Ewunetim mogn nehina?
    Silu semta doro tanqa metech yibal yele?
    Let me ask you some questions: –
    1/ Do you know basic contradiction?
    2/ Do you know slave and Master?
    3/ Do you know ashker and geta?
    4/ Do you know citizen and second class citize?
    5/ Do you know colonialism?
    If you know the answer then you got it! Other wise you are playing with your slaughters, your masters, and your sellers. Your Doctrate degree never pull you out of your valleyrigdge bedroom, shut up and free yourself from your co politicians who are laghing on you, gossiping on you, don’t be dam dud?

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