Pebbles for Grains: A Story of Betrayal (Omer M. Shifaw)


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7 Responses

  1. bendo says:

    Aye G7 leaders start writing on muslim name now?

    on last time a bored meeting in ESAT and G7 there was a decision made.
    that is we have to get to 4kilo in which ever way we can
    that means using muslim extremist or Shabia or onlf or Egypt just name it we support any one and will do every thing except and only except we will not be involved in this mess we will support and lead the struggle from safe place.
    so the agreement was made with full house hand clapping.

    in the interview afterwards one of the bored member says this is a historic decision made by G7 specially as he gave a protection for us the important people not involve in any risk taking things.
    Another journalist Abebe Gelaw says representing ESAT he also admired the leader Dr Birhaune decision as smart man who is saving our members from any risk and will do the job by others.
    This will be a model for others to follow.. he added

    we will report the full meeting on our next program.

  2. KOBBE says:

    Repression on one group is repression on the other. yesterday they massacred the amhara , the anuak, the ogadeni, the oromo today they came for all who are moslems. Yesterday we all stood on the side lines, because they did not attack us, but today they are attacking us. No body is free until all are free.
    TPLF is taking turns to massacre,harass and intimidate, jail and torture all the the people of Ethiopia.

    There is no group of people that have not been targeted and tormented by TPLF.


  3. Nazrawiw says:

    Dear Brother,
    As a true Ethiopian you have written a very interesting article being concerned with the future of our country. You have very well set it when you said that there are nations on standby to exploit this situation in Ethiopia, advance their strategy on our nation, and drive the country into unnecessary situation.
    We should always understand that Ethiopia is located in a strategic part of the Muslim World. Our mere presence in their midst bothers some nations.
    Ethiopia is an excellent example where Muslims and Christians live in harmony. I remember very well some time ago, a South African wrote so much about Ethiopian Muslims and even suggested at this chaotic time that the whole world to go to Ethiopia and learn how the Christians and Muslims live harmoniously there.
    Unfortunately our government did not realize that and is trying to fix that ain’t broken. May God/Allah give our government the wisdom to differentiate the evil from the good and act with serenity?
    The struggle has to continue until the legitimate leaders of the Islamic faith in Ethiopia are released from the cruel prison of Kaliti. We all Christians in Ethiopia have to continue to support the legitimate right of the Ethiopian Muslims and stand beside them in support of their legitimate right.
    God/Allah bless Ethiopia and her people!

  4. abraham says:

    It’s not just Muslim’s who suffer from the government’s transgressions against its own constitution, but also Christians. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is also infiltrated with government spies, who guid major decisions in the church’s affairs, such as the appointment of the new patriarch. Muslims are tasting the same medicine today. That’s why all Ethiopians, regardless of their religion should stand up and tell the government to uphold the constitution and stop interfereing in matters of religion.

  5. Adamu says:

    It is impossible to entertain muslim extremism in Ethiopia. If your question is WHY ?

    You can check Egypt’s scenario get the answer from that. You can get advise from Egypt’s president ‘Mohammed Mu rsi’ or Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt or Salafist party in Egypt how they can’t exercise strict she ria law in Egypt which a muslim republic.

    EPRDF didn’t betrayed Muslim rights.

    What did betrayed EPRDF is Muslim Extremism. This is a must for Ethiopia to continue as a country of varieties with religion, ethnicity, culture.

    Please learn from Egypt political crisis & return back muslim extremism from where you get it.

    • mitiku says:

      U r one intelligent u deserve Melese zenawi palace in the greave this purely islamophobia will be gone for good remember The Pentecostalism had this problem during Durg but they stand tall to lead this country, I salute them for their endurance . Look your lord USA could not Stop ISLAM by the way intelligent believer always have time to investigate before commenting

  6. Medina says:

    May Allah bless you dear brother Omer for a wonderful article. The EPRDF’s propagandists are out of the woods to delegitimize the Muslims concern as G7 and other opposition plot. What a shame they don’t get it by now. We Muslims don’t need to be agitated by the opposition. The government has shown us its true nature. We will not forget how we are betrayed by EPRDF’s gangsters. They used us and now they are through with us as one spits the chewing gum once the sweetness is over. They were plotting for the last 20+ years to destroy Islam as we knew it for 1400 years. We are not as fools as EPRDF thinks of us. We know when someone comes to force us to switch our religious practices for something completely un-Islamic. The ignorance of the EPRDF officials in their utter disregard for the constitution and the rights of Ethiopian people in general and in particular its Muslim citizens can only be summed up as one political commentator said “a government in comma”. That was why the Muslims in their recent peaceful demonstration they cried out “mengist yelem wey?” is there no government?
    Thanks Omer.

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