PM Hailemariam: Ethiopian troops will remain in Somalia


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4 Responses

  1. denden says:

    So as expected the Ethiopian PM wil continue reading a book from Mellles “How to Sell Ethiopia and mess the horn” for once it makes you wonder how come a guy who had spent most of his adult life in the jungle is with no high qualification is brillinat at running the country where as the man who was schooled in foreing country is shallow and dim. If thia analysis is working it worlks as well that PM Hailemariam looks that his brain has been frozen from the time he spent studying in Scandanivian country. Aye Emama Ethiopia redimer of a sinfull white man.

  2. Habtamu Shiferaw says:

    Remaining our army in Somalia till we will in no doubt safe from any danger from Al-Shehab is maintaining our stand to see Somalis peace and security and its reimbursement to us more than any countries. What would happen if Ethiopian government had kept silent when Al-Shehab started it strong covering on Somalia? Do you think Uganda, Kenya and others would join the mission on Somalia if Ethiopian could not declared war on Al-Shehab? Thanks to our defense force we are in safe side now.

  3. Name (required) says:

    addis were those warmongers fashist weyane they are trying to destroying the country

  4. Osayres says:

    Hahahaha the weyanne dedenit scientists are never stop amazingly me
    You qomal agame people is killing Ethiopians left and right
    What a wonderful racist ethnic

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