Ethiopian prime minister fires gov’t minister whose wife faces terror charges


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6 Responses

  1. Liju says:

    Mr Junedin, The indipendent judicial system that you didn’t put in place couldn’t protect you now! there was a saying called “Neg bene”.

  2. Dechasa says:

    le Telatih Mekeberia Bileh Gurguad Sitikofire, adera, Betam Atarikew! Ayeh Yemigebabet Aytawekimina.

    I am so sorry, sir x-minister, you were there to negotiate when that act of terrorism was developed and imposed, at least to make it not that deep gorge. Now, you may be in it and it is toooooo deep for you to jump out of it. It may also be not your own interest to impose that act, but the passed away guy (your wholly boss), who was always ready unlike most of you, his ministers, to through you all in that deep gorge, when ever he think you are no more important. Miskim!

  3. caalaa says:

    Use and through OPDO MEMBER!

  4. momba says:

    mr Sado, what a sad episode for you and your family. ‘revolution eats her children’. the woyane justice is on you!
    who is to protect you now.

  5. T.Goshu says:

    Well, I cannot say much about the serious charges the old foolish cadres (the new bud guys) of TPLF, Ato Junedin and his spouse are facing. But I do believe that what we are witnessing is the very fate of an individual or individuals created, nurtured and made loyal to a very hypocritical and tyrannical political grouping such as TPLF is nothing but uncredible level of self-dehumanzation .

    I do not think our political history is short of these kinds of very ugly experiences,particulary for the last 40 years. What is so puzzling and disturbing is our unwillingness and inability to learn from our bitter lessons and do somthing .

  6. Birhanu kebede says:

    Dear Junedin Sado, what are you feeling right now? had you really put yourself in others shoes when you comment on the innocent people when you had been in power. Do you think you would have the same comment if some one was involving in the Muslim’s protest, a question of government involvement in religion,in place of your wife? For me, it is definitely no. Another question, actually I don’t expect, but in case one person from hundred people, had you been fair for the guy who hasn’t been a member of EPRDF? Who knows you might have fired him.

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