Ethiopia: Does Economic Growth Amount to National Development?


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4 Responses

  1. zekarias says:

    first let me correct the layman diaspora that when he say woyanne we all ethiopians are proud of it they are truly heroes and you want to deny the growth simply you want power let me tell you what you dont know this guys dont want power and becareful when you insult tigre they dont forget you and andit ethiopia you know was buried ethiopia=gambella+oromia+afar+tigre+somali+…… if you dont know this may be you are sick

  2. koster says:

    The Ethiopian elites with Ph.D or not keep on philosophysing or their theories but what they Ethiopian people are saying do not loot, kill me and give me my freedom. Woyane ethnic fascists know what they are doing and for the purpose they stand – disintegrating Ethiopia and build greater Tigrai everything is going according to plan. They loot and terrorize from Menelik palace as long as they can and if that is not the case they retreat to Makalle and declare their independence. Say no to woyane ethnic fascists and do not prolong the suffering of our people by fighting each other for power instead of fighting the real enemies – home grown fascists.

  3. Aymro says:

    This is a sober and important contribution.

    Any attempt to belittle it without addressing its substantive ideas is mere propaganda.

    The second part will be welcome.

  4. Gesit Adis says:

    Thank you Zekarias! But just one thing I want remaind you is “all ethiopians in abroad(out side Ethiopia) do not have thesame atitude” You need to that the indivuals who always talk negative about current Eth are the arogant, jobless, few feudalist Amahara extermists, who always dream to the past and thei revil feudal system back but that will never ever happen again in ethiopia but may be they can meet form such system in any western country where they have majority because every body in now understund that no more one culture, one religious one…one..dominancy in ethiopia. Still those feudalists need to know that there are Afar, Sidama, Oromo, Amahara….in Eth those make Eth to be great country.

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