Kassa Kebede and the facts behind the curtain (Beljig Ali)


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20 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks Beljig Ali for the wonderful article. The sad thing was the ESAT journalist, Sisay, has never challenged Dr. Kassa when he lied throughout the whole interview.

    ESAT–The derg media

  2. Kassa is a master spy and an accomplished traitor who sold the Ethiopian Armed Forces for US$ 35, million. He and his late father Dejazmatch Kebede Tessema were close advisres and confidants of the brutal killer Mengistu Hailemariam who cowardly fled the country leaving the Army to the wolves.

    I thank the writer profoundly.

  3. nafkot says:

    Kassa was a blood sucker of Ethiopian, who advised the butcher Mengistu H/Mariam in the evil ways.His words is the final words to be clean his hands before he goes to grave.Why he became silent until Ex prime minister died.Please Comrade Kassa, don’t rember those youngster died in the mountain of Ertirea and Tigray for nothing, while you was drinking Wiskey in Hilton and Giyon. Please leave us, let our wound be cured. You are also the uncle of Mengistu H/Mariyam. You escaped the terror charges by virtue of having human trafficking of Ethiopians(ethiopian jeus) with MO-SAD and CIA

  4. አለም says:

    ውድ ቤልጂግ፤ በነካ እጅህ ህወሃት በትግራይ ሕዝብ ስም ለድርቅ መቋቋሚያ የሰበሰበውን በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠር ዶላር ያደረሰበትን መዘገብ አትርሳ። የተባበሩት መንግሥታት ከዓመት በፊት ባወጣው ሪፖርት 12 ቢሊዮን ዶላር የሚደርስ ገንዘብ የህወሃት ባለ ሥልጣናት ውጭ አገር ባንክ አሸሽተዋል ብሏል። ይህንንም አትርሳ። አገር ውስጥ በመሬት ሽያጭ፣ በሕንጻ ሥራ፣ በጫትና ቡና ኮንትራባንድ ሥራ እየዘረፉ ስላሉት ባለ ሥልጣናት መዘረዘር አትርሳ።

  5. Dilwenberu Nega says:

    Thank you Ato Beljig Ali. You have further exposed Kassa Kebede Tessema’s lies and chicaneries.He is a congenital liar out to hoodwink the Ethiopian people in order to retore the rule of trigger happy Derg. We need more Belig Alis in order to further nail him down. Some years ago kassa Kebede was thrown out from London by Police after Ato Mulugeta Aserate Kassa tipped off Metropolitan Police that Kassa was an accomplice of Bin Laden. As a result he cannot come to the UK anymore. Bless you Belgig Ali!

    • Tebebu says:

      Why you hide yourself and write glory about yourself? You are Mulugeta Asrate Kassa. I sympathise for your cursing of Derug’s official as they killed your father and imprisoned you. But I will never forget what you wrote in support of TPLF in regard to 2005 (1997 Ethio election) popular uprising, which you framed demonstrators as thieves who were to loot banks. You defended the killing of young people while your kids enjoy peaceful life in London. You shouldn’t have lied just to get TPLF’s grace and favour, as you were free person in UK. Please Sir, don’t be hypocrite!

      • ttt says:

        Wondeme Tebebu – Allow me to add some thing important. This guy ,Mulugata Asrat, is probably the dumbst guy one could ever think of. While Mulugata was detained by Durge, his father and the rest of the family were hiding in one of their palaces. This stupid bastard led the guards and showed them where his father and family were hiding. He thus became an accessory to their murder.

  6. Dan says:

    People who are attacking Kassa this time are Tigrians who support TPLF or stupid Ethiopians. The primary enemy (cancer) is TPLF. Let us unite ( all anti- TPLF) forces, together, we destroy TPLF (cancer).

  7. Dilwenberu Nega says:

    Dan, I am neither a Tigrean nor am I as “stupid” as you are. I don’t deny the fact that I am an EPRDFite, and I make no apology for that. Stop beating about the bush. The issue here is about Kassa’s mendacity and misdemeanour. Besides, who says only EPRDFites can criticise Kassa. This guy is nothing more than a street smart who rose to prominence not because of his ability, but because of his consanguinity to Mengistu Haile Mariam. Stop trying to blackmail us from speaking out against Kassa Kebede. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until more harrowing stories are unravelled among which is that he gave his illegitimate daughter to Wzo Abebetch Gobena’s orphanage. He is a morally bankrupt person

  8. Dewel says:

    Dan, Kassa isn’t attacked. He is being exposed. Do you see the difference? If you don’t know the difference I suggest you check your dictionary. Once I cleared that up in my opinion you don’t have to belong to this party vs the other. The audacity committed against the Ethiopian Sovereignty, which is treason, and among other countless crimes. Unless you are part of that group that is yet to explain their crimes and see the light of justice, you shouldn’t defend this non-defendable man! He is but a disgrace to anyone related to him as well as that of an embarrassment. Let his crime be exposed. Let him stand naked because he and his likes are shameless man they not only don’t tell us the truth but also they have the nerves to commit the same kind of CRIMES against the people of Ethiopia.
    The benefit of honest and objective articles like this one help not only exposing these thugs, fascists and crooks of all type, it will also serve as a warning to those who now govern Ethiopia and they think they have the rein to do whatever they wish to do. No, it may take time, but you will be cracked by the hummer of the truth! To Comrade Kassa Kebede, have the decency once in your life, tell the truth! Haven’t you realized how your worthless interview was rehearsed? Shame for mentioning and still claiming that you were once an ordained deacon! Further shame to your useless age that has NO wisdom in it and I feel for the people who are related to you by blood-line. It is such a disease being related to your kind of human being, all he does is lie to his teeth from beginning of time to end! Shame on ESAT, for not asking the right question? Shame on the host of ESAT for same reasons. Look out of those real brave journalists.
    Ethiopia will Prevail! God bless Ethiopia and her true children!

  9. Alex says:

    All tigrian stop it

  10. alex says:

    I don’t understand why ya stress on this Guy.personally I don’t hate but when ya see his background he was one of the member of the derg regime who was responsible for the loss of thousands of young Ethiopian visionaries. He was also responsible for our back wardiness …please guys don’t waste our time …what we need is looking forward to NEW GENERATION…LET’S LEAVE THOSE THOSE THE 60’S GENERATION …the way they were doing could’t work ….

  11. betty says:

    bejig ali, you are a confused person your self, why you have been attacking genuine oppositions for the last few years including MEDERK & ginbot 7? i think you are not different from the worthless eprp and echo members of stupid MEAD members in diaspora who are screaming day in and day out against oppositions without their contribution to the struggle. shame on you, instead of keep writing nonsense and disgusting things you better support strong opposition and medias like awramba times. maferia

    • henok says:

      Betty – you are correct.Bejig ali he is a confused person.እኔ ፡ ካሳ ፡ ከበደ ፡ መደገፌ ፡ ሳይሆን ፡ ያለፈው ፡ ታሪክ ፡ አልፎአል ።ወደ ፡ ኋላ ፡ አንመለስም ፡ ያ ፡ ታረክ ፡ ሆኖ ፡ ቀርቶአል ።ካሳ ፡ ከበደ ፡ ባለፈው ፡ መንግስት ፡ማለት ፡ በደርግ ፡ መንግስት ፡ ለተሰራው ፡ ስህተት ፡የኢትዮጵያን ፡ ህዝብ ፡ ይቅርታ ፡ ጠይቀዋል ። በተጨማሪም ፡ ለኢትዮጵያ ፡ አንድነት ፡ ኋይሎች ፡ ድጋፍ ፡እየሰጡ ፡ ነው ፡ ያሉት ።እንዲሁም ፡ ከዚህ ፡ በፊት ፡ ስለነበረው ፡ ሁኔታ ፡ ግልጽ ፡ አድርገው ፡ ስለነገሩን ፡ ምስጋና ፡ ይገባቸዋል ። የኔ ፡ምክር ፡ ለቤጂግ ፡ አሊ ፦ ጊዜህንና ፡ እውቀትህን ፡ በወያኔ ፡ ፈላጭ ፡ቆራጭ ፡ ቡድን ፡በኢትዮጵያ ፡ ህዝብ ፡ላይ ፡ ስለሚሰራው ፡ ግፍና ፡ ጭካኔ ፡ ለህዝባችን ፡ በማሳወቅ ፡ ብታውለው ፡ ይሻላል ።

  12. Yared says:

    We local staff in the UN remember when Kassa Kebede purposely was made the Ambassador of Switzerland during the drought time, was to collect checks that were non-transferable paid by UN OFFICIALS, OAU OFFICIALS, EMBASSIES STAFF AND ALL FOREIGNERS FOR RENT TO THE GOVERNMENT ALSO VICTORY SHOP DIVERTED TO SWISS BANK IN KASSA’S NAME FOR SS LONG HE WAS THERE .
    This foreign currency in millions was what was transferred later after he took out the FELASHA’s out of Ethiopia to the UNITED STATES.
    Mind you, this was the money which was to be used to drought victims according to Mengistu and Kassa. Instead Kassa is lavishing himself with it until now. Those of us in the personnel and administrate knew each month the money was sent to Swiss – but who dares report!
    Mengistu was to collect money paid by the Israelis for the Felashas’ exchange but it landed to the next Government since Israel paid after he left!
    Kassa also never got his first degree let alone his Phd ! He did not even attended proper schooling in Israel. He had to leave Israel for petty crime in 24 hours. For that the Counselor at that can be enquiired.

  13. tesfa says:

    Recently I see Kassa Kebede Tessema being called as Doctor. where did Kassa Kebede earn hi doctorate? I know he is not a medical doctor

  14. Shamai simon says:

    I am looking to contact Kasa Kebede. I know him since the 1990. I would like to re-new contact with him and thru him also with Ama
    Ambasadore Delensaw.

  15. Shamai simon says:

    I am looking to contact Kasa Kebede. I know him since the 1990. I would like to re-new contact with him and thru him also with Ambasadore Delensaw.

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