Who retards change in Ethiopia? (Teklu Abate)


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4 Responses

  1. Girma says:

    At least you have moved a step ahead of the rest of political bloggers in trying to stir a rational dialog among stakeholders.
    But in my view the article has lots of analytical flaws and the argument presented seems to contradict with it self due to lack of coherence and reasonable connectedness. But to say the least it is a marvelous initiative.

  2. T.Goshu says:

    I truly appreciate your genuine concern and effort in expressing your views as well as ideas on how to move forward as far as the very serious political challenges going on in our countery is concerned. Your articles and comments are arguementatively interesting. I hope you will keep doing so!

    But I found some of your writings somewhat incoherent and simplisitic . Take for example this article in which you say , “… neither the government,the oppositon ,…,…nor the Ethiopian diaspora are the most imoprtant factors ” which literally means any of those are not important. You put again stated that ,”The real actors behind the messy political… in their order of significance….” Is this not kind of not only incoherent but contradictory way of expression? I do not think this was really what you want say in your mind .It seems that it is a matter of puting what is in your mind with kind of coherence and clarity. Please get me corrected if I misunderstood you.

    Yes, it is true the decisive forces in moving toward the desired political desitnation are the people themselves.
    There is another statement of yours which says ” I argue that the role of international organizations (g.g. the UN system. IMF ,the World Bank, AU,EU) and foriegn governments could play is extrimely limitted and has a lot to do with legitimization.” sounds incomplete and confusing . I do argue that transnational corporations with the help of their respective governments and even with the help of powerful intrenational organizations especially the World Bank, IMF , World Trade Organization and the like were not created and made operational in line with the very intrest of the politically oppressed and socio-econmically impoverished people of the world in general and Africa in particular. Please help me out if I misundestood you or…. when I say that your statement lacks clartiy and consistency.

    Another not clear and incoherent idea of yours is “The educated rhetorically expected to be the voioces of the voiceless.” The concept “rhetorically” in this statement looks like a bad player not only in this statement itself but also for its explanatory statemaents.

    Dear writer, I am not clear whether the phrase “national culture ” is an appropriate or comfortable expression .

    Let me repeat that I am not saying this or that concept or way of arguement is wrong .Not at all! I am just raising some questions which I have difficulties to understand .

    With due respect

    And have a great time sir!

  3. Name (required) says:

    Hey TA,

    Am so glad that you start writing now. Are you still working in RB? After reading your blog, I have now got an idea as to what are the fundamental elements of Politics but, also found it hard to understand unless one read it multiple times! Hope you make your next writing more coherent. Keep up the good job my friend.

    Yohannes – ex- Sheraton staff

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