Peaceful and Armed Struggles: They Are Not Necessarily and Mutually Exclusive or Inclusive


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7 Responses

  1. Kabu says:

    No one is stopping you from going to the jungle but I can guaranty you will never go yourself as you have a good life. So why don’t you just cut the crap and say, die for me, bleed for me etc…

  2. momba says:

    EPPF is the answer

  3. Idris says:

    Goshu, you are funny. We have seen what armed struggle has done to many countries including Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, armed struggle produced Dictator Melese. Are planning to become the next Melese of Ethiopia! Hell with violence in Ethiopia! When Ethiopians are ready like Egyptians, they will do their historical task! For now, please we do not need your evil advise! See Dr. Negasso’s educational guideline posted on Ethiomedia and discussed publicly in Addis Abeba. We need heros like Negasso not cowards like you! Bye bye for ever!

  4. Sami says:

    Yes, the two are mutually exclusive!
    Peaceful struggle means a non-violent form of struggle and armed struggle is a violent form of struggle so the two are mutually exclusive as day and night! You got it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    what does discussing and debating big issues serve if a resolution is not arrived at in unifying us for a common purpose/s? The grassroots is looking up to the leaders, but what held back the so called political leaders from coming together in moving forward the people’s agenda??????

  6. Habtamu Shiferaw says:

    HI bro, I like your participation on sharing your opinion, really and please do not stop it. When I came to my opinion towards your comment ‘’Peaceful and Armed Struggles’’ I wont to say something.
    As you believe I also believe on peaceful struggle to have a political power like the now days situation in our domestics politics and if there is comprehensive/ comprehensive problems that can mobilize the majority of the people, then I believe on all methods struggle including armed struggle. Here is the point that what compressive question do we have on the government of Ethiopia or EPRDF that leads to armed struggle? Are we beneficiary from instability that comes from armed struggle when comparing the ‘question’ and the method? Even it was unwise war used by our brothers on power whom they fought Derge/WPE, the then legitimate government; even though they had some comprehensive question on the regime. But now do we have such question that needs armed struggle on EPRDF? No, not at all. Most questions come from the home opposition and the out “opposition’’ is only to share political power. No more no lease. What differs the home opposition and the out ‘opposition’ is the former needs political power peacefully and without any instability in the country but the later needs political power by any means and even after full burn of the country that comes from their hostility, enmity, and hatefulness towards an individual on power. What are the question that we hear from the out “opposition” are like a question of individual or groups of individual like, telecommunication should be privatize, more than such % of building around 22 in Addis is owned by same language speakers, such numbers of Generals in the armed force are from same language speakers, W/ro Azeb has owned such things….. bla..bla… Do such question are a question of the majority of Ethiopian? About tele, a question is from an individual that can invest on it and wont to have a huge income. And the Generals, it is a question of the colonels on the Ethiopian armed forces……etc . Thank you.

  7. Idris says:

    Violence is an old outdated unproductive thinking. Trough violence, it is only groups (not the people) that have benefited in our history. It seems you are confused as well. What is your name ?… Please take a long break and come up with a better modern idea.

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