President Girma’s controversial Letter to Abune Merkoreowos


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15 Responses

  1. layman says:

    I think Ethiopians deserve dictators. That is how I feel. This is the most telephone discussion and as citizens this is what we should encourage. Instead we love when people lie to us and dictate us. It is a curse. Addisu is disrespectful. He is laughing because the president said Abune Natnael has forgiven him for the mistake. In his little mind, a president should not look for forgiveness even from a man of God. Stupid and disrespectful journalist.

    • yemaymesil says:

      Ewnetim layman neh. Dingay ras. Instead of insulting Addisu Abebe why don’t you look at your moron president who has no brain at all?
      Sick, foolish and idiots like you accept whatever they give them, but people like Addisu question, question and question this is what a wise mind is expected to do.

  2. bendo says:

    Another big secret on ESAT/G7 meeting.

    2 days a go Esat journalist have a big meeting with G7 leaders about how to report the 18 Eritrean players who abandoned there country.
    in the meeting one of the journalist asks just to report the news and the replay from the G7 leaders is strong. don’t even think about it. we are preaching day and night our only hope is Isayas and you want to disappointed him? asked the G7 leader.
    so at the end the meeting finished to keep quite on any bad news about Eritrea.
    our source told us that the whole 4 millions Eritreans are trying to leave there country while G7 leaders are running to Eritrea.

    and he said this is good in long term as all the eritrian leave the country and children born from Andargachew and friends will be the next citizen of Eritrea.

  3. mass says:

    I thought this guy , Girma was dead a long time ago. woyane are feeding him well. he is increasing in size all the time.

  4. Sewrene KeWeshetu says:

    Girma WoldeWeshet committed “suicide” and Woyane should put Azeb Golla as our new Queen.

    The king made it clear that Woyane is running all religious affairs including who to lead the Muslims as well as the Christians.

    The Ethiopian Muslims have been on protest for more than eleven months now and the Orthodox Christians have to start their own protest every Sunday in all churches in Ethiopia.

    We should not accept Woyane interference in our religious affairs. Like Tamirat Layne 20 years ago Girma WoldeWeshet did it again yesterday in public on VOA. Shame on WoldeWeshet a messenger of Woyane.

  5. Annonymous 2 says:

    The message from Lt Girma’s interview is one. There is contraction within TPLF/EPRDF. One group is asking the return of the Patriarch, and this includes Lt Girma. Another group does not want the unity of the church. So those who do not want the return of the patriarch have threated Lt Girma and have asked him to retract his letter. Addisu has done a good job in showing that the so called president is flip floping.

  6. Desta says:

    It is unlikely for the exiled patriarch, Abune menkorios to be a head of the orthodox church back home. This because the woyane leaders will not allow that. They know he opposes them and he had even been in Eritrea to visit the Arbognoch ginbar fighters. How can TPLF allow such person be the head of the church??? The negotiation process is simply futile.

    • Gobeze says:

      Bertu wrote this response to Deno on Ethiopian Review yesterday. Desta needs to get it as well.
      “There is nothing more repugnant than a profoundly illiterate ascending to the
      pinnacle of authority on matters such as this. His Holliness Abune Merkorios is the 4th patriarch who never left the US since he entered the country in 1999. Abune Mekarios is an archbishop (totally a different individual) who resides in Canada and a member of the exiled Synod who is (in my opinion) the most ardent anti Woyane Ethiopian, even though he is from the Behere-Tigray. He is reported to have visited Asmara recently.”

      Thank you Bertu

  7. ያሁኑ ፕረዘደት የቀድሞው አየር ኃይል መቶ አለቃ ግርማ ወ/ጊዮርጊስ የነበሩት በወጣት ዘመናቸው በሚያደርጉት ሰብቅ ተባረው በጊዜው በነበሩ መሳፍንት በመገናኛ ስራ ተስጥቷቸው ከዛም እንድልማዳአቸው በደርግ ጊዜ በማሳዋ የወደብ ኃላፊነት ተሰጥቷቸው ከቆዩ በኋላ ወያነ ኢሓዴግ ሲመጣ በዘር ተወግነው በፓርላማ በመግባት ያው ያልተዋቸው አድር ባይነትና ውሸት በመጠቀም አሁን ላሉበት የአሻንጉሊት መንበር ለመቀመጥ እድል ገጠማቸው፡ የሰው እድሜው እየገፋ ሲሄድ ከስህተቱ ተምሮ መልካም ለማድረግ ጥረት ያደርጋል ነገርግን በሳቸው በኩል እንኳንስ ለመለወጥ ቀርቶ እየባሰባቸው ዛሬም በጽሑፍ አስፍረው በብእር ፈርመው የላኩትን ደብዳቤ ሳላስተውል ካለኝ ስልጣን የማይፈቅድልኝ ያደርግኩት ነው በማለት ሲናገሩ በጣም አሳፋሪና እንድዚህ ያሉ ሕሊና የሌላቸው በጭዋን በታሪክ የተገነባ ሕዝብና ሀገር በትረ መንግስት መቀመጥ ምን ያህል ወርደት ነው፡ በዚህ እድሜ ይህን ይነት መልስ ሲሰት ለታዳጊው ምን እያስተማሩ ይሆን? እባከችሁ ወገኖች በእንዲህ ያሉ ሕሊናየሌላቸው ግለሰቦች ሀገርና ወገንን ሲያቀጭጩ እስከመቼ በዝምታና በቁጭት የምንመለከተው?

  8. Workamaw says:

    Simply sad. I sometimes wonder if we indeed have a government as such. Most of them are lie machines; some are voracious eaters like Girma. Both groups have neither concience nor brains. Ethiopia is in a state of stagnance or even rotting. It is ashaming to be related to these animals in any manner.

  9. Tesema says:

    Desta, you are simply unintellegent person to say the least. The person who went to Eritrea is a different person. The name sounds a like. So before dare to come and post anything like this, you must first make sure that you know the facts.
    In my opinion abune merkorios is an innocent person who practically abandon this mundan world. He is in seclusion in prayer and fasting. God should be the only judge of his upheaval.
    Orthodox will benefit from his return to Ethiopia to restore the churches unity….he as a person seems not worried about power….after all he is an old person and will pass away….but orthodox will never be the same unless this guy returned… is about the future not about today…

  10. Dinka says:

    Reading the letter from President Girma & listening to the two VOA interviews with the President , this is what I have concluded
    The president really supports the return of the true Ethiopian Patriarc to his position however the Pro-Eritrean TPLF group that is in controls of the country at the moment (Bereket, Sebhat & co) instructed the President to retract his statement .

    Honesty I feel sorry for the old hopeless president who have no power

    But I am sure God has a bigger plan foe Ethiopia

  11. Desta says:

    I am disappointed with your vulgar words. Having wrong information does not make one unintelligent.It only shows your arogance.It would have been wise if you could provide the information you have to disprove my claim. But if you want to engage in a civilised discussion here you have the link I read about the popes visit to Asmara. thanks for understanding.

  12. zuma says:

    It is not the first time the president is speaking his mind. When the so called investors were shamelessly allowed to cut down the precious forest, he protested the destruction. He wrote a letter to the sell out minister to stop that reckless practice. This time he did it again. I read his letter and listened to his interview with VOA. The president said or wrote what is good for the country and the communities. Please read both his letters.
    Please stop writing what power he has or he does not have. Take his testimonies and his vision. It is utter disgust that he is being ignored, condemned or asked to retract.

  13. Tesema says:

    According to the online free dictionary, intelligent means “having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree” AND I FOUND YOU TO BE THE opposite of that on the subject, i mean on who is who, so don’t blame me. You have to invest some intelligent work before you come online and say something which you are not aware or sure of….anyway…dont get offended…insult doesn’t stick on you or turn you to be stupid if you are not already, so please spear me from your wrath. when you see a red color you call it as such. so again don’t blame me. You might be super intelligent in anothe endeavors, but on this subject I still found your color red……no hard feeling man…and as you know ethiopian poletical organizations, inside and outside Ethiopia, has thoght us insults…by the way is it insultung our great leader’s legacy

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