Ethiopia: Who is the current commander-in-chief of the armed forces?


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17 Responses

  1. chala says:

    I don’t care who is chief of command as far as Ethiopia have the best Military in Africa.

    Esat tube/G7 are trying to tell us our only hope is shabia and who ever believe in him will be saved.

    according to Sisay Agena the well known talkers in dc are started to go to Eritrea to be a solidier and fight while four million Eritreans are running out from that country.

    Shabia telling them that he is the one who won the war against derg and people like birhanue believed him.

    If that is true and if only using kilachinkov and won the war with ethiopia with out woyeane why not now then now with more than 350000 soliders a lot of Mig 29 fighters missaels and tanks still begging to get badme for the last 10 years.

    if he can’t get the small town badme with all soldiers and military equipment for 10 years now after every young eritrian are leaving the country G7/ esat is telling us using soliders from dc the will go to Addis using shabia.

    Sometime i feel sorry when i see the Esat/G7 journalist as they told to lie to make collection money and they have to do that every morning and the G7 party doing nothing. you can see the frustration saying how long can we do this lie and lie with out work.

    talk after talk every day meeing after meeting , money collection after money collection using people like tamagne who been barking for derg and thinks still with the same mind.

    • DEDEB chala says:

      Please learn English. I’ve no idea what the hell you are trying to say. For now please write your comments in tigrigna or Amhareic.

      • HAWII says:

        MOST DEDEB Those ignorant people like
        yours can’t get the idea except 3000 years empty words.

      • chala says:

        English is my fourth language so as far as people understand the message i don’t care about being perfect.

        you guys been believing to be a perfect ethiopian you have to speak perfect Amharic and now you telling us if you don’t write a perfect english you don’t know nothing.

        So if you are smart argue on the message of the comment not on spelling or punctuality.

        you are one of parking looter who thinks you are better than all ethiopians b/c you start speaking english after 25 years in USA.. DEDEB Day dreamer.

        • DEDEB chala says:

          don’t you get it? ohhh sorry, English is your 4th language. Let me try in Amharic, englizegnah aygebam, ebakeh be amarigna tsafew. ahunes gebah?

      • dag says:

        that is not how amharic spells…….

    • nafkot says:

      @ Chala,why not comment on the written article rather than mentioning Esat or G7.This article posted here not on Esat or G7. why not give sugestion that more than 90% millitary Genrals an Security forces are occopied by TPLF. This is the healthy way for ethiopia. please when you comment reseon out. Don’t post romours of coffee bar. Okk

  2. Habtamu Shiferaw says:

    He is one and one according Ethiopian constitution, the commander in chief of Ethiopian army is the PM. But what I want to say something is about the writers so called ‘’Eyerusalem Areaya ‘’,the most ‘writer’ that write a very few truth with his imagination, I said his imagination not his opinions. Actually thanks to Awraba and Dawit for your tolerance to give him place for his always hostile manner even though his right place is ‘Ethio Media’ for they have same approach. Eyaerusalem means a ‘writer’ who writes on an issue or a person whom he does not has any knowledge even a clue with arrogance way of characters.

  3. Betty says:

    Araya Tesfamariam (pen name known to all “Eyerusalem Araya” former senior investigative journalist.

    He is now living exile in India. His fate is in danger. His friends asked the people of Ethiopia to bark about his fate in exile.

    A man living exile in India investigate the current commander-in-cheif of the armed forces in Ethiopia ???

  4. yemaymesil says:

    the….Meles Zenawi is still the commander in chief.

  5. Selamawit Solomon says:

    “Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.” So my fellow Ethiopians ASK YOUR SELF -WHICH ONE ARE YOU??? AND WHICH ONE YOU WANT TO BELONG TO ???

    • Alegnta says:

      Well siad Selamawit! The only decent comment directed to all of us to “engage brain before driving!”

    • Selamawit solomon DENKORO says:

      where did you here this carp? i hate people who try to look smart by qouting others. Just for your information “great minds” discuss about everything. My impression about you is, you belong to a “small mind” (even though i have no idea what the hell is a small mind)

      • selamawit solomon DENKORO says:

        correction: where did you hear this crap.

        • selamwit solomon DENKORO says:

          I hate people who try to look smart by qouting other people. for your information, “great minds” discuss about everything. eventhough I have no idea what the hell is “great mind” and “small mind”, i think you belong to the “small mind” (assuming small mind would be DEDEB mind”

  6. hott says:


    you are pissing all over the place , stop embarrassing yourself, go home and chew your kchat.

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