Eritrea denies reports that president Aferwerki is to step-down


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10 Responses

  1. chala says:

    some thing is fishy here…

    Shabia start blaming Elias kifle as Weyanne?

    It seems Shabia is changing there payroll man from Ethiopian review to Esat tube,

    Elias reported about the 18 Eritrean players who ask Asylum in uganda while ESAT chooses to shut there mouth.

    Elias is the person who first broke out the news about G7/shabia relation when he told us Andargachew is in Asmera.

    According to reliable source Birhanue nega begged Isayas before you put me in 4 kilo palace don’t leave your post.

    So i see Esat tube is now the official representative of shabia and elias kifle become ethiopian gov. spy.


    • FM says:

      Chala…You must be a lencho letian in asmara told by esayas to do the job of creating a fight between 2 of the most loved figures. Dream chala…dream

  2. bendo says:

    The largest Army in Africa with the best military Equipment but still begging for badma the last 10 years.

    Derg with close to a half million Army couldn’t keep Eritria, Tigray even Addis more than 17 years while shabia and woyanne used to have only ten thousands of soliders.

    But now Ethiopia Army After 21 years is more stronger and benefited helping more than 9 other African Countries helping them keeping there peace.

    So we have to give credit for our brave soliders.

    the worst thing for shabia is in every day pass on thousands of soliders are defecting to ethiopia and sudan.

    So if we manage to keep it this way after a couple of years Eritria will be filled with only womans as all mens will leave the country.

    So we need Issayas to stay in power as much as he want as this will help our country.

  3. mass says:

    you pretend not to be a tigre, but everyone knows you are a woyane gujile dribbling your nonsense on the internet to get paid by your masters for your daily dose of drugs and alcohol.

    • chala says:

      What is this to do with being tigre or not?

      If i was tigre i would be proud of it. this is where your mistak started? you guys thinking that all people who support the government are only tigres.

      this is an insult for the rest of the 76 million ethiopian. as you guys saying the 6 million Tigris with out others help can rule 80 million people more than 21 years?

      if that was true i admire them a lot but it is not? if it was for military and power derg had it all but couldn’t last long with only power.

      so wake up guy don’t sleep 21 years… this game been played 21 years a go and didn’t work so playing it now shows how dummy you are. who will never change with time.

      the same song for 21 years imagine my 8 years only 21 years a go have now married and have his own child while you are singing the same song.

      tigre woyanne bla bla by only changing the name of your party .

      • loly says:

        O!that the good job of ur werobela weyane boss,paing u good salery by robing the rest until u let ur 21 years boy to marry early.keep supporting them them kiling,to priosn,braking the country,bring resisem,destroing relgon….so they will pay u more so next time u will let him to marry ur 11 year old.TIGRE SELTAN YAZE HAGER TEKORESE:

  4. death to weyane says:

    Long live my president Wedi afom I hate weyane I am so prude I have issayas my hero so to all Etiopian do same justice for your self weyane are killing you all day we Eritrean we know how to protect our lovely Eri weyane will be gone to hall soon

  5. Seid Adowe says:

    This Goverment will never give chance for new generation, freedom And Democaracy because they don’t care about Eritrea or Eritrea people,
    they care only of tigraniasim(tigrina)..

    they stratege look like Amaric stratege long time a go in Ethiopia,
    almost they make they language and calture abave then all Eritrean languages cultures,
    they never give us even chance in tv chenal, so where is Eritreanism?
    the only thing i want they know if our Country continue like that it will be second Somalia.

  6. parker says:

    Would write judiciary to appeal for release of my brothers in prison. Jehovahs witnesses are law abiding folks.please advise address so i may appeal. Thank you.D parker.

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