Joint press statement from representatives of the Ethiopian Orthodox Synods


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13 Responses

  1. channe says:

    Thank God great news finally! its becoming very rare to hear a good news these days. God help them with their effort.

  2. Glory to our Almighty God and Keeper of Ethiopia for the excellent herald that our Holy Fathers are advancing to reunify the divided EOTC for over 220 years.

  3. CORRECTION: Glory to our Almighty God and Keeper of Ethiopia for the excellent herald that our Holy Fathers are advancing to reunify the divided EOTC for over 20 years.

  4. kassa says:

    Dear editor,

    The picture you have posted on the left is not abune melketsdek who is the secretay of legal synod. Please correct it.

  5. Dawit says:

    Correction the picture is not of Abune Melketsadk of the USA based Synode rather it is the picture of the late Abune Melketsadik of Ethiopia

  6. Abrham says:

    So, no thing new ! I thought some thing has been done. Then, the meeting will continue to endless. The two side should should should agree to save the new generation.

  7. amen says:

    This is a great news and hope for our country. Just as the religious leaders have agreed to unify may be the political leaders may learn something out of this
    God is Great
    Long Live Ethiopia

  8. Henok says:

    Great news! Spiritual fathers should never engage in any politics in the future!

  9. Zeyeka says:

    Deat Dawit,
    the person on the left picture is Abune Elias from the legitimate Synod abroad.

  10. T.Goshu says:

    Well, although it is not a very big deal to see very elderly and senior religious leaders getting togther and agree to disagree , the spirit in which it was conducted is appreciable. But when it comes to the question of whether it was encouraging and positively/genuinely forward looking, I am sorry to say but I have to say that it sounds something that couldn’t go beyond rhetorics and wishfull thinking. I know this comment of mine sounds pesimistic and undermining the efforts of high ranking religious leaders. But I strongly believe that telling about the negotiation for reconciliation and reunification that is not genuine and courageous enough is neither against the very teachings of the true followers of Jesus Christ nor the very senior religious leaders. I do not know what was the main agenda for the last three meetings if it was not on how to correct the violated “Qenonna ” – reinstituting the Patriarch who had been pushed way by a piece of paper written and sealed by the then higher political figure (PM).I really do not know how conducting meetings after meetings with paying significant cost (financial and material and human resources) can be said a great success . I do not think it makes sense to declare the process that keeps going not to the point but simply around the bush. I do not understand how it can be said that the get together will continue while the followers of the Church are unequivocally told from Addis that the negotiation about Abune Mekorios is aleady a done deal . Well, if the next talk is going to be on how to decide on the return of Abune Merkorios and on his retirement benfits , let the people know .

    May God help the innocent followers of the Church in their desperate search for leadrship that lives up to the real teachings of Jesus Christ!!

  11. mesfinachew A kassa says:

    As I commented earlier when they start this holly meeting. if from the bottom of their hearts both sides let grunges go and let God to the discussion it will be a win win blessed outcome.
    May the Almighty Lord continue to bless them all who participated, those who prayed and arranged the negotiation and our Ethiopia.
    Mesfinachew !!

  12. Yilma says:

    This event is irrelevant to bring in democracy in Ethiopia. Orthodox church has been with reactionary ruling leaders right from its inception in 4 AD in Ethiopia.

    Let us revisit just the most recent history of Orthodox churc …. Orthodox church during Haile Selasse was a ruling tool for the government – sounds familiar?, …. Orthodox church led by Mercorios during Derg allying itself with Menigistu even during red terror …. remember that? Mercorios used to be called by Addis abeba residents “Cadre of Mengistu/Derg” …. you recall that? … Orthodox church lead by Paulos blessing Melesse’s killing of 127 anarmed civilians following election 1997? ….

    Orthodox church can not bring democracy or can not be instrumental for such change …. because it is inherently reactionary ….

  13. Alen says:

    We highly respect our eldrely holy fathers effort in bringing us togather. I would assume the very root cause of the problem is still prevailing in Ethiopia and still would try to keep its hand invisebly.
    As to me what earthly reason would prevent the synod not to correct the mistakes committed 20 years ago unless there is still the same hand? what kind of opportunity can God give us to make things right and keep the Qenona of the Church?I would hopfully wait the January meeting?
    We the people should actively voice to strenghen the correction process rather than living in agony.

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