Susan Rice, Spokeswoman for Tyranny in Ethiopia (Tedla Asfaw)


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21 Responses

  1. Idris says:

    What a great job! We are proud of you Tedla and those who were there to submit the letter!

    The significance of this action is two fold. The first is a rejection of Susan’s past political love affair with dictator Melese Zenawi and the second importance of today’s action is that it will hopefully break the pipe line left behind by Melese to the current regime.

    I think the action is good for Ethiopia!

  2. Alegnta says:

    “For most Ethiopians back home and here in the Diaspora Ambassador Susan Rice became infamous” – A blatant lie!
    Who gave you and all the other names you mention (Prof Almariam, Hama Tuma and Robele Ababya)the mandate to speak on our behalf? It is your right to take the names on the petition to the Hon Susan Rice but I am sick of your assumption that you can speak on behalf of MOST Ethiopians. You and all the other names are an a bunch of idiots who can’t even make a half decent original analysis other than recycling and regurgitating what you find in various websites and newspapers. The truth is that most Ethiopians were proud with the Honorable lady’s speech at the funeral of the late PM as it resonated with their thoughts and feelings. That was obvious to see then and is still the case now.

    “Her love affair with Paul Kagame, Museveni and the late Meles Zenawi has gone beyond USA policy and has become a personal and unholy relationship.” – Watch what you write! You and your likes are an embarrassment to most educated and self respecting Ethiopians!

  3. Betty says:

    Within three weeks time 1300 Ethiopians in the diaspora identified & submitted to Susan Rices office at the UN to claim the word “Idiot” & use it as their Brand Name.

    Tedila Asfaw & his fellas will be certified after the UN approval of the Brand Name ” Idiot ” for those identified 1300 people to use it world wide.

    • denaw says:

      Betty UN has refused to certify because the branding should come along with or should be rephrased ,”idiots and fools” i hope Tedla will amend this and re submit to the un before the committee recess.and there is duplications almost half signitures are from the same people, they must clear this , and mursi promised to help them,

  4. mamo says:

    Ato Tedla,
    We Ethiopians know what a communist propagandist you were during the military regime that was crushed twenty one years ago. Ever since, you were trying to rewrite history and appear to be an activist. Criminal like you should be brought to justice and one day we hope it will be a reality. Now for you to blackmail the good lady Susan Rice, It makes my blood boil. There is a saying in our language. “Jib besew hager hedo kurbet antfulign yilal”. Don’t try to act like an activist. Once a communist always a communist.

  5. Belew says:

    Ato Tedla,
    What exactly is wrong with you? I’m not a psycologist, but you definitely need to see one ASAP. Is this your contribution to solve Ethiopia’s problem?
    No wonder they say ” you can’t teach an old dog a new trick”

  6. betani says:

    Ato tedla asefaw , i wonder when you are going to become yourself ? dear idiots and fools , you are a shame to your self , as you are not a representative of Ethiopians abroad , you work hard to infulenc every thing , nothing has success because your base is just lies and infatuation, above all ignorance ,no one will listen your garbages , you just wasting your age,tedla getting a picture with whites doesn’t mean that you are smart, that old folk is at your age, just relax at your nereaset park than crying on susan rice , obama knows what susan rice is, btw your vote is insignificant to obama, and he knows you all are none sense ,idiots and fools,,,

  7. Mark says:

    Wow… your English sounds like elementary level. Perhaps it will be wise for you to consider going to school and improving your English before attempting to become a voice for the so called voice less people.

  8. E/wi says:

    I think it is ur millionth petition.I bet it is worth to the waste basket.

  9. wondinet says:

    The flip flop diasporas are winding here and there to establish new another government in DC which is from united coalition of DERG ESEPA Cadres, The ruminant of Mr. Majuka’s family,some Mesafint and Mekaunint tebiyewoch kids and grandkids, and corruption based intoxicators who are fired by EPRDF. Yesterday, they were attacking Obama not to be elected as President, and on the same path they were attacking Dr. Susan Rice not to be selected as Secretary of state.
    After Obama’s election, what they have to fight is only on Susan’s selection. Come on guys. Mr. Obama and Mrs. Susan are well educated people who can differentiate the winking flies.
    The diaspora politicians definitely knew that if Obama elected as president, there is not much change to come on Ethiopia’s politics; also, if Mrs. Susan selected as Secretary of state, she has already said that the diaspora idiots “idiot” so, that is another big loss for them and she was already good friend of H/Mariam, they have no way to ran away. The democracy which they are fighting for will be tested in the land of Ethiopia by its people who are there, but not by par time politician of taxi drivers; not by the so called journalists who are baptized by their own ethnic superiority. That is over, done. Abebe Belew, or Gelaw, Berhanu Nega, or Qemagn Beyene, Fake Professors or fake Pappases. It is over nobody reverses it again. BEQA.
    At least they should send Ethiopia’s schools all the paper which they were spending for some useless petition.
    That is exactly what happen to the ants!

  10. Wondinet says:

    Gundan kegeza gudguada wust wetita alemin sitqagn (malet berasuwa sefer kesar sir hona malet new) minim ayinet saw litagegn balemechalua, lekas egna bicha nen ende bezih midir lay alech alu yibalal.

  11. mulu says:

    Com.Tedla it’s better to keep quite until com. mengistu come bake to power.

  12. Ethiopiwi says:

    Wondinet: the only thing I want say to you, “thank you” but the only thing you need to think again is that “not all diaspora are idiots and fools. Idiots and fools are those old fashined few fewudalists who always wish to bring back the fewudal sytem. We, the majority of diaspora, are trying to help our country by corporating with our Ethiopian government this time, eventhough we are very limited due to our personal life and the genaral life style of western countries.” But always do not geralize that all diasporas are fools and idiots to against their own country. we reliaze and we thank the Ethio govmt and Ethi people who are in Ethiopia for the good changes and developments so far and we believe now Ethiopia is in right track. No more disturbace, war, …..

  13. George Belay says:

    Dr. Susan Rice, don’t give an ear to these people, they have no idea about their country’s development and true progress; or they don’t want to give any recognition to the ongoing effort of the government and the people of Ethiopia.This country is on a tremendous change and continuous economical development. Busting of infrastructure ( roads, telecom and internet, airports, electricity), schools, universities, clinic and hospitals, agriculture and industrial development. Our country is getting out from the darkness of poverty, disease, war and instability; equity of nation and nationalities is realized, fresh air of democracy is coming) except to those murderers). Such people who are blindly opposing the fantastic change in the country, they need really psychological and mental treatment. Otherwise, if they were healthy they wouldn’t dear to write such useless article and abuse the good person such as Dr. Susan Rice and the democratic government ever has the country seen. Late us forget them and go to work, I don’t want to spent my time by reading nonsense articles such as this.

  14. Wondinet says:

    To Ethiopiawi: I agree and no les and no more than yours. Thank you!

  15. henock says:

    Susan Rice is an employee of the US administration protecting and advancing the interest of corporate America. Individuals of her stature can maximize/minimize their role beyond/under the call of their duty. Susan Rice went far beyond her colleagues in praising the tyrant. However we should bear in mind the fact that she is but part of the government who assisted the woyane regime even when the latter murders 100s of peaceful demonstrators Ethiopians in broad day light. The murderous regime owes its survival to to the US led western governments. So our focus should mainly be on the US administration itself not just an individual. Selective outrage is at times misleading and sends confused message. This by no means is to trivialize the outrageous comment by Susan Rice but to have our opposition redirected towards the principal culprit. In the mean time we have also to be reminded that Rice is not the only one to romanticize the tyrants death, have you ever think of some of our so called opposition politicians shown similar sentiment? What about yared tebebu, seye abraha, bertukan midexa, the commedian turned OLF fund raiser tamagn beyene, and so on and so forth….?? shouldn’t we start from home first? What is Susan Rice for Ethiopia anyways? Aren’t we the ones who are beseeching the same US government to do our job of redeeming Ethiopia, the duty that we outsourced long ago? We have to be ashamed of ourselves.

  16. Dawit Dagne says:

    Congratulations for all Ethiopians and Ethiopian-loving people through out the world. Most of all to Tedla Asfaw for his patriotic duty to speak out on behalf of the Ethiopian nation. Above all, the good Lord is watching for those whose blood and tears had been shed by the dictators of Ethiopian’s government. Now that Susan Rice dropped out of the Secretary of State race she cannot support dictatorship in the continent of Africa. Keep up the good work. For united we stand, divided we fall. God Bless the Children of Ethiopia and the world.

  17. Ewnetu says:

    The so called looser activists meddle in American politics after they failed to spoil Ethiopian progress. How many people signed the petition? A drop in the bucket of water. I say to them get life losers. Egypt could not be an example to quote as democratic country yet. The movement turned sour if you read the news these days. Morsi wants to take absolute control without passing the country’s constitution.

    Dr Susan Rice said what she had to say to the media what the intelligence briefed her. Since there was highly classified investigation was underway, she could not say the real deal. However, some Republicans who an ambition to discredit the President, they went public with tactic to oppose her possible nomination.
    No intelligence community discredited her or corrected except the two Republicans and few so called activists like Mr Tedla.
    Because she followed their guidelines. The stake was high for Ms Rice to mislead or tell lies.

    I remember some activists posted blogs not to vote for Mr President during election citing ambiguous reasons and to their dismay, President Obama won reelection.

    Anyhow, Ms Rice pulls out bid to be Secretary of State to avoid the partisan bickering in Washington DC. She is intelligent, smart and fit to the position but she did not want face the GOP’s unduly argument. As I said earlier, the Republicans try to stand on the President’s way to hinder him to work for the country. One could cite how GOP handle Fiscal Cliff.
    I just want to know what the next activists’ move is – Ethiopian US politics. There is a famous quote – “I do not have patience for idiots and fools”.

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