Kassa Kebede and the last days of Mengistu Hailemariam (Beljig Ali)


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15 Responses

  1. Tebebu says:

    Dilwenberu Nega December 3, 2012

    Thank you Ato Beljig Ali. You have further exposed Kassa Kebede Tessema’s lies and chicaneries.He is a congenital liar out to hoodwink the Ethiopian people in order to retore the rule of trigger happy Derg. We need more Belig Alis in order to further nail him down. Some years ago kassa Kebede was thrown out from London by Police after Ato Mulugeta Aserate Kassa tipped off Metropolitan Police that Kassa was an accomplice of Bin Laden. As a result he cannot come to the UK anymore. Bless you Belgig Ali!

    Tebebu December 12, 2012

    Why you hide yourself and write glory about yourself? You are Mulugeta Asrate Kassa. I sympathise for your cursing of Derug’s official as they killed your father and imprisoned you. But I will never forget what you wrote in support of TPLF in regard to 2005 (1997 Ethio election) popular uprising, which you framed demonstrators as thieves who were to loot banks. You defended the killing of young people while your kids enjoy peaceful life in London. You shouldn’t have lied just to get TPLF’s grace and favour, as you were free person in UK. Please Sir, don’t be hypocrite

  2. Belgigumenge says:

    I am not here to defend any body. Mengistu or anyone I mean anyone have to defend their actions themselves.

    My point is based:
    a. The Ethiopians expectations from their leaders is unrealistic.
    b. We ignore the role and power of foreign countries in judging our leaders.
    c. We also fail to take into consideration the political, economic and technological situations of Ethiopia.

    d. We do not also see what is going in other African countries. In the past for example, some Ethiopians used to think Kenya was more developed than Ethiopia. These Ethiopians were educated ones.

    e. Very few Ethiopians are interested in politics. Majority just want to be ruled but expect a government that provide every thing they wish. Our wish wont materialise because there is no input from us.

    So, I expected Belgig Ali to ask himself:

    1. Let us say Mengistu refused to leave Ethiopia and continued to stay in power. Then does Belgig wish to see Ethiopia to be like Syria or Serbia (former Yogoslav)?

    2. Let us take European leaders. Leaders of Italy and Greece were forced to give up their power and were replaced by someone appointed by Brussel.

    My question to Beligig is; Is Mengistu stronger than them (leaders of these countries) in your eyes?

    3. Let us take cases of South Africa and Ethiopia. South Africa Army, Navy and Airforce and other forces were not replaced by ANC fighters but in Ethiopia, TPLF and ELF replaced Ethiopian forces.

    Does Belgig Ali has answer for this?

    Hope you understand my points. Thank you for your information.

    • roh says:

      WAKE Mr:

      All your points and justifications and points doesn’t polish The coward and idiot Mengistu any better!

      He was a crap and liar! Well defeated and exposed!And dead!Let him not rest in Peace!

  3. Al says:

    Beljig – you tried to make your CLUMSY article look like well researched – coting from a ferenji didnt add any substantial evedience to your claim – your article is full of hatred and jealesy – I don’t blame you if you hate that idiot Mengistu – The thing is that you too no beter than him. Because you are wasting your time, my time and everbodys time in talking rubish. The ultimate task today is to save the nation from brutal ethnocentric political system – talking about a 35 million now is like having no purpose and no reason in life. Get a purpose bro, and change your roten EPRP from lamenting on the where about of 35 milion

  4. Dilwenberu Nega says:

    Tebebu: what the heck are you talking about? I am who I state Iam. If you have issues with Mulugeta Aserate Kassa – which you claim to have – then address him directly, Don’t try to ‘Mulugetanize’ me in order to give vent to your pent up feelings of anger and resentment against MAK. For your information, I was born Dilwenberu, I have lived Dilwenberu and I will die Dilwenberu. BTW you have committed an error in English usage and I hope you don’t mind if I correct you. After all English is not a mother tongue for both of us! You don’t “write glory about yourself.” The correct usage is to glorify yourself. That’s why it pays to THINK before you write!

    • Tebebu says:

      Hey Mulugeta,

      What I can say truthfully about your articles in your favorite web site on aigaforum is you got good English, what the Brit call “upper class” accent in text. To my surprise today, I see you making error while correcting me.

      In regard to you articles on aigaforum, often they are full of lies, propaganda work for TPLF, revenge on Derug officials and the usual PR work.

      As I said before, I sympathies on your mission against Derug officials, and I expect that as well. But that shouldn’t qualify you to dismiss the reality in front of our eyes, what is happening right now and I won’t forget the smear campaign you conducted on your “smartly” written articles on the 2005 peaceful demonstrators who were massacred by TPLF thugs.

      Sir,,,,, please note that, two mistakes will not make 1 right.

  5. rass says:

    what is you are taking , the story all just jok mr Beljig do you want to maek jok like kebebewe gada . you can not, just shut up, from now your beljig (KELOMAMO)

  6. tolosa says:

    It is not a secret for any Ethiopian that Mengistu and his cronies were murderers and butchers, who did tremendous damage to Ethiopia. however this article is a complete garbage as it was the first one. eventhough the author trying to seem knowlagabel, ive no doubt in my mind that author has no knowledge, what so ever, either on the last days of the Mengistu regime or the faith of the Ethiopian Jews as that time. The author is a self acclaimed historian, conspiracy theorist, journalist and sometimes a magician. His solely source of information is page 13 on the a book called “operation Solomon”. (i really have a doubt that the author went through the entire book). He swears and trusts everything on page 133 is accurate as Gods word, however as far as this books concern, it has no legitimacy what’s so ever, since it was written by the same Jewish people who conspire to buy thousends of ethiopians in the first place. My understanding form these two articles, the author’s motive is a personal hate for Mengistu in particular and his cronies in general, but not to re-write history to pass it to the next generations as the author claims. the author is a self acclaimed historian, conspiracy theorist, journalist and sometimes a magician. I wonder why awrambtimes decided to post these non-sense. awrambatimes.

  7. Y Berhane says:

    Dilwenberu Nega I know you are Mulugeta Aserate Kassa, why you hide your name?

  8. Wondinet says:

    Kassa Kebede should be in jail in any moment: – He killed Haile Silasie, he killed Mengustu, and now he killed Meles pretended as a friend.He is gay in nature, he sold our country, he sold everybody, and now he doesn’t care about death or jail because he is too old right Kassa? You better shut up, there are lots people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for their country’s identity and dignity to defend the great history.
    Some times I hate USA for keeping killers in their country with out checking their back ground.

  9. Yadete says:

    I am tired of Beljig Ali…

    Please stop writing trash. You and your types are the ones who destroyed Ethiopia. You just talk talk tlak and attack attack attack. Useless. I hope you get this message and this is my last time to read your bulshit. Leave Ethiopia for the young generation who has no blood on their hands… Your hands are full of blood and you have to stop that now. Also, please tell your EPRP (IHAPPA) reminants the same. Ethiopia is tired of you guys.

  10. Lemalem says:

    Compared to the billions Meles Zenawi stole Mengistu’s amount of money is very small.Even it is small it donot make it right but it makes it better.


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