Prof. Mesfin on post-Meles Ethiopia and the way forward (Interview)


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16 Responses

  1. Mulu says:

    Pro Messfin can’t work with anybody except Pro Messfin .he opposes everyone as if he is the only light to freedom . I am so done with the Old generation

    We need the young leaders like Andualem & Eskinder

  2. bendo says:

    Prof. Mesfin Thank you for your contribution to ethiopia politices.

    you did what you can and i raise my hat for you.

    about the Diaspora parking looters/taxi drivers prof. Beyene Petros said it all.

    they pay $50.00 to attend meeting and demand a change of gov. now.

    They think it is easy as looting parking money.

    If that was so simple why don’t they ask G7 who collect there $500.00 selling certificate and collected hundred thousand dollar on the name of ESAT and did nothing for the last 5 years.

    So give credit to those of doing there best back home .

    • DEDEB bendo says:

      What a nonsense! Where have you read the professor talked about G7/EAST? Morons like yourself always complain about diaspora. Btw there are plenty of job apportinities beside taxi and parking out here. Illiterates like you, who has no job, living on government DIGOMA complain about diaspora. Im sure you don’t even know the real meaning of it, therefore shut up! Also pls, next time, write your comments in Amharic, because your Writing is a mess.

  3. Dawit says:

    Does this man, who is unable to organize and lead a single party (even goes down to fight physically with his own party members) has the morale right to say a single word about the great man MELES?


  4. Belai Zelleke says:

    No body can discredit or undermind the contrubition of Prof Mesfin ! He is a fearless man who challenge anyone using his knowledge,God given rights (the freedom of speech and to write). Befor accusing a man like Prof Mesfin one has to question himself/herself important question. What did I do to my Country and people ? Most people dont have answer but Prof Mesfin has answer and a good one! He work hard and he mite do errors here and there but as far as i am concerned, Dead person is the only one who doing do mistakes or errors. That is how i see Prof Mesfin contribution to his country and people. Wish him a healthy life and live long age, still he can do many unfinished business. God Bless Him ! Thank You Prof Mesfin for Evereything you did to us !

  5. Germame Neway says:

    That was good interview. Prof. Mesfin did give a measured and yet profound response. It is measured because he did not want to be portrayed or pin down narrowly as Meles hater or admirer by focusing on the death of the “great leader”. Profound,because his point on the disarray and panic/confusion that manifested itself in the attempted cover up in the aftermath of his sudden demise.And also Meles’ own handiwork/his long years of uncontested power grab a culprit as an isolated and detached authoritarian figure that feeds on FEAR OF THE POPLUCE.However, it is by no means bold and definitive expose,yet an addition to breaking the myth making/diving state sponsored Woyne political project of the “Meles legacy”.Taking his limitation to speak freely, in the ” Federal republic of fear” I applaud Prof. Mesfin.

    Lastly, the Woyane supporters and Meles’ sycophants who scribbled nonsensical and the absurd notion of infallibility are devoid of responding to any critics whatsoever. they have reduced themselves to what we call “SEE OR HEAR NO EVIL” crowd. It is now well established fact that nobody take them seriously for they seem to live in parallel universe. This dangerous behavior has never been successful outside of imposing its false belief by brute force. The axiom “you rule by the sword you die by the word” is the final outcome.The best option is TRUTH AND REFRAIN FROM PERPETRATING FALSHOOD AND DECPTION AS POLITICAL TOOL TO MAINTAIN POLITICAL POWER.

  6. Name (required) says:

    You were in the king, derg and eprdf you still opposing, i don’t understand anything from you. Even for any gov’t opposition parties play the vital part in the dev’t, you are playing the worst blood shade part. Your rough dullness and dryness among these three gov’ts are simbolizes you as unwelcome distractor. Your hater is clear for the person wants to open his eyes and see. God has forbiden you and i pray to forbiden you many times in remaining few seconds. After that you have specail place in hale.

    • Abebe says:

      Yes, he has been a vocal critique of the last three regimes. What’s wrong with this? Can you name one democrat and popular regime that worked for the good of the Ethiopian people?

  7. DBOCHE says:

    What a great advise and analysis Professor ,if they listen to your advise all this years ,Woyana would be the best political party in African not only in Ethiopian unfortunately they are a bunch of idiots sitting right Professor GOD help them and God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopian people.

  8. Selamawit Solomon says:


  9. Solomon says:

    Mulu and selamawit… is our great scholar ,deep and postive thinker ,inspirer worked his entire life for his country. I hope both of you live out side of your country and have a chance to see how scholars like pro.mesfin are well respected and have their say in their day to day life of their government. It is about their critical thinking and suggestion (not how old they are).As always, I salute our great professor,writer ,a man of wisdom and a man of forgiveness and a few in a million. Reading professor mesfin books or interviews is like listining like a good symphony. God bless our professor!!!!!

  10. bubbe berere says:

    those who talk aganist professor mesin is hodam bicha new leboch bicha bandawoch bicha tplf bicha nachew

  11. Bisrat says:

    What good news can be expected from a country’s leader for 20+ years Meles Zenawi died from Polonium poisoning most probably orchestrated by his closest friends and families. He died and noone is even trying to investigate his death.

  12. Solomon Alemayehu says:

    Why he wore “Snapple” the sugery Soda T-Shirt like a homeless guy around the corner -daym This guy have No class

  13. Zelalemawi says:

    One thing I really admire about Prof: His determination to express what he believe. Whether we like it or not, he doesn’t care. For this I have a great respect to him.

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