CNN named Meles Zenawi among notable people we’ve lost in 2012.


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27 Responses

  1. in what base? as he was a one dictator in horn Africa yes. he kill innocent people for the interest of the west by create his notorious illusion nowhere to find in this earth noxious and nuisance person. for you CNN you are not stand for true or on the side of oppress people always support oppressor you never open your media one the crime against humanity 2005 200 innocent demonstrator killed by meles zenawi in broad light in Addis Abeba. instead to remember the dead dictator talk about those innocent citizen force from their home and land revenge by his party. your reporters never ever report all what going on in Ethiopia in daily base. this is sham CNN EPRDF and Meles creat Ethiopia as shambles state. is that to notable people?

  2. YEMAYMESIL says:

    This is not surprising. He was a mercenary and a sold soul capable to do whatever he is told to do by Westerns.

    No big deal

  3. Wondinet says:

    We lost the true Ethiopian who stand for poor or rich, Northerner or Southerner, Easterner or Westerner, Rurals or Urbans, Islam or Christian, etc… He never stands for the neft who used to be the leaches, the blood suckers of all Ethiopians who are dreaming and trying to hold power like Sadam Hussein, or Gadhafi, or Joseph Stalin, or Mussolini, etc… The true Ethiopian man who fought for our freedom, who stood up for our identity and dignity of all Ethiopians and the true hero who is trying to freed us from our hunger history. Instead of Meles I wish all 100000 the DC useless dwellers including Abebe Gelaw and Alemayehu Cholew dies. Bunch of stupid greed chauvinists survives and Meles sacrificing for them? What a stupid world is this? Mot lene Meles, It should not be for you! MELSES, If Possible you come back and I am happy to replace you there where you went?
    Mot lenezia tenquay debelo lebash le wushet politikegnoch. Ethiopia and Ethiopian never forget Meles and we are here on this earth, while we are here nobody will defeat us forget the diaspora Taxi drivers par time politicians. We are the true guard of Meles’s job.

    • meti says:

      may your fate be the same in the coming new year. you and hodam like you deserve to die. and Guess what? you master will never bother a single ethiopian again. may he burn in hell.

    • ababiya says:


      Wondinet I am sure TPLF paid for ur planin ticket That the reason why u r cheering for Meles.He is disgrace to anyonerelated to him.

      • haole says:

        @ Adabiya and meti
        Yes a lot us are paid a lot by PM Meles. He is our father . We could have died for him for free if it were known we would miss our beloved hero earlier.
        Adugna blash diaspora.

  4. Name (required) says:

    IT’S TRUE he was the one whom they send representing black colonial /kehadii /ally, true he was working for Africa to kneel dawn in front of white/westerners, did good to divide Ethiopians, don’t forget he is a son of “banda-zenawi & bar lady alemash”

    They lost their operator [mess creator ], yes
    Thanks GOD for everything you have done!!!

  5. tsehaye goytom says:

    IT’S TRUE he was the one whom they send representing black colonial /kehadii /ally, true he was working for Africa to kneel dawn in front of white/westerners, did good to divide Ethiopians, don’t forget he is a son of “banda-zenawi & bar lady alemash”

    They lost their operator [mess creator ], yes
    Thanks GOD for everything you have done!!!

  6. zenkataw says:

    Indeed the world has lost a visionary leader in Meles.Such recignition by the CNN is based on his contribution to world peacr, democracy and development.

  7. አ.በ. says:

    አዎ መለስማ ለነሱ ምርጥ ሰዋቸው ነበር፣ ሀገሩን ለመሸጥ የማይሰስት የቅኝ ገዢዎች ጉዳይ ፈፃሚ።

    • Abel says:

      Yes ,melese was a killer and brutalized leader. He killed a thousand people and black mailed the country. Hes is ecceteric and adamant. he was amoral and animosity leader.He always maligned to foreign leader. He sold Ethiopian land to foreigner and he was against freedom of people and against democracy. Thanks the lord.He is not notable person,
      ofcourse we never forget his bad action forever. History is registored the first leader who sold the benefite of the country for abroad and most Ethiopian people animosity him.melese was the one worest and animosity leader in the world.thank you you guys strugle for freedom and democracy against TPLF

  8. brattw says:

    THEY MISSED THE BUTCHER MELES. let them follow him to his grave. he is no more. one cancer removed from the face of the earth.

  9. kidi says:

    what does that tell you? that means the West does not give a hoot for the lives that purished under his adminstration. he killed so many young Ethiopian who were cable of leading the country out of poverty but yet he death is morn by them. But we said his death has made the world a better place. His death has made Ethiopian future a little bright and we said yes he is dead and we wish him to burn in hell and we hope the rest his hodam bandas follow him. CNN can not speak for Ethiopian people! Ethiopians are happy that blood sucker child killer meles is gone forever!

  10. betty says:

    who cares about any media, we ethiopians know and have seen devil meles zenawi as he was the worst murderer who had so many bloods on his hands and who was the most destructive person who had sold out many poor peasants land to china, india and areb, he was the ethiopoian hitler, but regardless we ethiopians should continue to fight weyane once and for more to destroy weyane and hunt the weyane evil members like nazi germany and hung them in public for evil crimes that they have committed against humanity.

  11. slavery,apartheid,colonialism,neo colonialism etc supporting dictators racism,terrorism name it melese zenawi killed thosand gambella 416 anuaks sidama 300,ogaden thousands bedeno arbagugu etc killed thosands,afars,799 displaced millions evicted from their land on and on melese is hero for western i don know why see amnesty report human right watch etc sad sad sad we live in fear ethiopians 21 yrars in power

  12. kebede says:

    ye meles plan entegebralen .bsidet yalutn dergoch ena neftegnochin enasafrachew alen .mechem agerachew ayigebu ye america,ye canada mengst ledhoch yemisetewn genzeb eyeteqebelu yinoralu hager bet lalew betesebachew enkuan merdat ayichilum lerasachew erdata felagi .le hageru yeserawn meless sisadebu gna yebase bado mehonachewn ayenlachew miskinoch lehagerachu yabqachu blen endanmerqachu hagerbet gebtachu degmo bewere siratasfetunalachu .ezaw eyawerachu nuruln egna gn agerachinn enalemalen…yih asteyayet hager wedad ethiopiawyan besdet yalutn ayimeleketm lenesu kemiwedut hizb gar egziabher endiqelaqlachew entselilachewalen..

  13. Solomon says:

    I never thought I would say thanks to Awramba. Well, thanks for this CNN link. PM Meles was indeed the most notable and extraordinary person the World lost in 2012. Those of you who jump up and down with denial and delusion, just get your f****k soul, open your blind eye, wake your dead brain and swallow the CNN fact in your face. Meles’s loss was indeed the saddest moment of 2012.

  14. Ted says:

    Come on CNN!
    Yes Meles was the posterboy for the make believe democracy the US has been working so hard towards. Meles was not a strong man. He was the butcher of Addis, as Ethiopians call him, who killed thousands and imprisoned tens of thousands. He made the US policy the laughing stock who believed and bought into his fake personality. Ask thousands of Ethiopians first before you report such outrageous remarks on the “greatness” of Meles.

  15. True Ethiopian says:

    Indeed, he was the greatest leader we as Ethiopians and as Africans lost in 2012. He devoted his entire life and time for the equality of our people and development of our nation. He ignited the economy of our nation to grow double digit year after year for the last eight years. Under his administration, more than 20 new universities created and thousands health clinics, elementary and high schools opened all over our countries. He was brave enough than any other previous leader of Ethiopia to develop 6000mw hydro electric dam along the Nile river. He was really unstoppable visionary leader which created and left behind development plans which can be useful for many decades to come. I know few people hate him so much because he does not belong to their ethnic group. They live in USA where individual is respected and loved by what he/she does not by his/ origin, but what I do not understand is that why they have never learned and fix their brain. However, I would like to tell this, he died four months ago but his legacy and influence has been and will be in the hearts of million Ethiopians. His amazing work and life journey was recorded and written in history books and will be remembered forever.

  16. Workamaw says:

    Yes, Meles will be missed by the G7 as he was the only beggar self-appointed leader, whose survival was entirely dependent on their constant handout, and his presence in their meetings was considered like the presence of a loyal dog/puppy. As long as the puppy barks on passers by like Al Shabab, he was sure to get the crumbs he needed for his survival and a little more. He was hopeful that he would one day start enjoying the wealth he stashed in foreign banks. His calculations were wrong as usual: he died in his zoo-cage, where he confined himself for 21 years. Meles the puppy has never lived a life as he was not the real puppy he was supposed to be. He was a wild dog just like his friends at Arat Kilo. Good riddance!

  17. Oromo says:

    All these elegant/thriving business are owned and operated by TPLF and its stooges and also propagated by their New-masters. Both Chines and TPLF exploiting, occupying Oromia, and the rightful citizens (indigenes) Oromo people are marginalizes or anguished in prison cell across the nation for the last 21 years. There will not permanent peace or prosperity you and your supporter in the horn, time shall tell. And the outcome will be regrettable for generations to come!

  18. Seble says:

    well take this way: Blair and Bush called him the african man of good governance and as a gift, they chose him to be the african representant for climate change where meles graciously betrayed African countries…he was a puppet to fullfill the desiderata of the most 2 powerful nation on earth…we all know in history, UK has played vital poisoning role in african history during colonization , South Africa being the worse of our nightmare…now they do it with strategy and in exchange the african dictators are reassured to stay in power…but that day you’re no longer needed, they just see your country with collapse and they will say they can’t interfere: see Egypt, Tunisia etc…now if they don’t select meles, who will do the continuation of their work in Somalia, Eritrea etc…right now, they have found a good dog in the eyes of Homer Dummy Simpson Dessalegne! He is happily going to Eritrea…as USA will do their best to calm down the horn of africa at any cost…who cares of Abune Petros, Menelik , Giorgis in west??? they remind them their big failure actually…people wake uuuuuuuuuuuuup!

  19. Abrham says:

    What’s the misinformed Erin Burnett is gonna say about this. Poor Erin.

  20. Muller says:

    Not only CNN who mentioned our Ex-PM meles as notable person but also

    I really miss him alot and I wish I would see him as ordinary person to perish us with his experience and knowledge.

  21. Tezebet says:

    Western perspective yes he might be a visionary leader, however as a citizen of Ethiopian he is a murderer, he is not democrat even in 3rd world standard… he is not deferent from Mugabe Zimbabwe, Kim of North Korea, or Iranian Ahemd… so whatever way the west median can pent him my people and I we know who the true Zenwai was. I am glad he went his grave before he do more harm to that country, the only thing I feel sad is he did not get what he deserve being hang in front of Ethiopian people for the crime he did… The hypocrisy of western is the source of the war everywhere.

  22. Tezebet says:

    Western perspective he might be a visionary leader, however as a citizen of Ethiopian he is a murderer, he is no democrat even in 3rd world standard. He is not deferent from Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Kim of North Korea, or Iranian Ahemed… so whatever way the west media can pent him my people and i know wh the true Zenwai was. I am glad he went his grave before he do more harm to the nation, he only thing i feel sad is he did not get what he deserve being hang in front of Ethiopian people for the crime he committed to the Ethiopian people or the nation. the hypocrisy of western is the source of the war everywhere.

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