Susan Rice withdraws as candidate for secretary of state


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3 Responses

  1. joss says:

    The demise of this woman is just starting.

  2. Asemu says:

    Don’t celebrate too soon. This woman is capable of making it to all the way the White House! Mark my word!

  3. ttt says:

    The All Mighty Lord of the Holly Land of Ethiopia has an invisible-long hand that deals with enemies who pose danger to God’s beloved people and land. Beware, you devils and children who worked to divide the two brotherly people of Ethiopia and Eritrea! You deviles the time has come for you to repent! The God of Ethiopia is always protecting the land ad people. Thus,H.E. Ambassador Rice can have a distinquished carrier in another field which she is good at – Head of a Produce Department in a grocery – let her deal with potatoes, because she is a potato -head.

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