Malawi arrests 42 Ethiopian refugees trying to flee to South Africa


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3 Responses

  1. tomma says:

    Ethiopia has become a failed country. The people have failed. Instead, they are walking away , millions of them, from the country they were born to face humiliation, death, rape, jail and torture in another country they do not know. It is a sad episode.

  2. bendo says:

    South Africa is making more millioner ethiopians than Ethiopia it self. even thou it is so dangerous to live in south africa there is more chance to make money. so people take a risk.
    specially from south ethiopia one region called cambata. any one who make money from cambata his first job is bringing his brother or family member using that money.
    so you see ten thousands of young people from cambata every corner of south africa.
    Well get rich or die 50 cents music is alive in south Africa. true

  3. mirracle says:

    we Ethiopian would never been humiliated more than under meles administration. our ethiopian biggest mistake is seeking some kind of solution from other nations. like western nations. all they need is some kind of advantage from our country. they make some kind of friendship with dictators. it does not matter how the people are opressed killed and so on. what’s what happened when susan rice appreciated dictator prime minister Meles zenawi. one mian thing we ethiopian should understand is we are the one who bring about changes ,not foreign governments. they know for fact that this guy killed so many ethiopians in the last twenty years.

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