16 EU Parliamenterians sent a letter to PM Hailemairm Desalegn


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4 Responses

  1. boss says:

    If these guys are seriously concerned about woyane abuses and atrocities, what they should do is put pressure on EU to cut the money supply to the fascist woyane junta.

  2. bendo says:


    Ana Gomez a very close freind/girl of Dr B. only manage to convince 16 member out of 700.

    Is this means the others more than 600 members disagree.

    Funny ana gomez she lost the chance to be a first lady in 2005 election.

  3. chala says:

    So what?

    16 members kkkkkkkkk

    Come on Ana Gobeze after we spent this all money on you 16 only?

    Why ethiopia need parliament then? after all if all decision is going to be made from European parliament ethiopian need to be given a chance to vote on European parliament .

  4. beyene says:

    These are the same people who used to trade on human beings. They lack the moral fortitude to make any statement regarding human right. We should tell them to mind their own business by by working to improve their sorry economic conditions. Slave masters can not be in a position of preaching good governance.

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