Teddy and GIGI VS Bob Marley and Fela Kuti (Kinfu Assefa)


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3 Responses

  1. Yoni says:

    Admiring the two entertainers is one thing, but comparing them with Universal Figures like Bob M. And Fela is a mother of all ignorance.

    Bob Marley is known best to be “A UNITER” of all human kind as teddy is known best to be a “DIVIDER”.

    I often here Ethiopians compare their local idols with some international figures.

    I have heared Ethiopians compare Shawel with Mandella and Birhanu with Ghandi. Lol

  2. chaltu says:

    ere benatachu. pls use some sense and stop insulting fela and bob. these two may be amazing locally for ethios, but it basically stops there. practically nobody else listens to them okay… they still gotta bust their ass to get anywhere close to fela and bob.

  3. Mahlet Asefa says:

    OMG, what the hell is this?
    Bob Marley is an international sensation, Fela Kuti a world famous musician.
    Teddy Afro a confused YEMENDER LIJ Azmari, Gigi a RUN AWAY BRIDE with a fake Ethiopianism.
    Please please stop putting LEGENDS and local AZMARIS that nobody outside Ethiopia knows in one sentence. It is even embarrassing to read. We have influential people that are world famous and respected lets focus on them. Wow what a funny and ignorant writing, Lol

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