Prominent American journalist, Carl Bernstein speaks up about Eskinder Nega


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5 Responses

  1. solomon says:

    It is soothing to hear world prominent personalities support our heroes in prison. The best way to free our heroes and the Ethiopian people is when we the ppl are able to have bargaining power with the tyrant. Why does EPRDF give up its tyranny?. Its is working for them and their cronies. Being a tyrant and dictator is comfortable for them. We must be able to force them come out of their comfort zone, make them realize their livelihood is at stake. There are lots of actions we can take. The action we take comes natural when we realize a burglar attempting his way to our homes. The question is, have we Ethiopians realized that our country, village, house is being burglarized? Until we do, there is no motive for our dictators to change course. I won’t blame them.

  2. mesfin says:

    So his advocates are going out of the way to prob up Eskinder. Does Carl Berstein read Amharic?

  3. mesfin says:


  1. December 20, 2012

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