Mengistu’s younger brother working with General Tsadkan Gebretensay in South Sudan


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12 Responses

  1. Hirut says:

    The writer of this article is smoking some Ganja or he is too drunk kkkk

  2. totosa says:

    What is the point of this nonsense (paper, article, essay) whatever it is? Who gives a rat’s arse where, why and with whom the old Sibehat Nega travels and mingles with? Why is it the reconciliation process is a problem started by the TPLF (whatever reason behind it)? Why is the preposterous reaction of this writer about a slight chance of Mengistu’s return to his homeland?
    The author and his alike are people who can never learn form history. South Africans, after hundred’s of years of unspeakable atrocities and crimes committed by the white minority, now they are living together with harmony. it is outrageous to read an article preaching why woyane hasn’t punished Mengistu by public hanging, and why his ministers are still alive and haven’t burned alive in crematoriums. What is on this authors mind? God!!!
    We have to stop the vicious cycle of revenge, killings, and continue the reconciliation process and a peaceful transfer of power. Ethiopians has to ignore the hater mongers, bitchy, cruel, snakelike, arrogant Diasporas who preach genocide. This are people who Ethiopia and Ethiopians has to avoid the most. Most of this individuals has personal agenda and they have no regard to the future of Ethiopia. This are the people obsessed with politics and everywhere they go (starbucks, Ethiopian restaurants, private parties or on any social occasions) they have only one topic, POLITICS. This people are no good for themselves let alone for their country. They haven’t archived anything except talk and misleading people THEREFORE it is wise to STAY AWAY FORM THEM.

  3. sasu says:

    what idiot writing?

  4. Name (required) says:

    What happen to the title?
    I am surprised Awramba Times needed to post this garbage.

  5. mesfin says:

    Garbage, if this happenes it is called reconciliation but chaces are it will never happen. Lets say it is true for the sake argument Fisseha Desta did do his time. Would you rather seen blood spilled. Reconciliation means forgivness, reedemtion, repentance, if Fisseha Desta is reformed then i dont see why he has to be hanged.

  6. Abebech says:

    This slandering of Yekatit-Abyot is coming from former feudals or from the city-shibertegnaw Ehapa. I do not care for the Derg but the UN has given three awards for the Derg! So this fudal/Ehapa is not aware of it.
    Remember, Ehapa has never united or co-operated with a single Ethiopia party or front during the Abyot. Ehapa is on the record to have agreed and signed a united front agreement with EPLF in the mid 1970s. That is a fact.
    As to Fissiha Desta, I am happy if he is enjoying his freedom in old age. Unless the crazy writer wants him dead what is the point of lamenting about Fissiha?
    BTW, I agree this was one stupid reading. It was the title that fooled me. Msmaku Asrat need to think twice before coming out in public with such Feudo-Ehapa crap.

  7. alem says:

    Why is Mengistu’s brother working in South Sudan bad? Should Mengistu’s brother be condemned because of his brother?

  8. Besaaaaaak says:

    I smell inferiority complex in this inane article.

  9. teshale says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Msmaku: The Dergs are now crying! but the truth will be told.The Ethiopian people are entitled to know it.

  10. Al says:

    Even mentally sick people can jot down phrases and post it on line – what else? What about those posting garbage? Are they well?

  11. Daniel says:

    Dear Writer,

    Why are you making us read your irrelevant, not-worthy-of-reading views under the pretext of an attention-grabbing topic? If you have a news, share it first and then you can state your opinion concerning the news. Otherwise, don’t waster other people’s time.

  12. Tesfaye says:

    Abebech keep quite you crazy oportunist

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