Six officials arrested in Ethiopia for Corruption


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5 Responses

  1. tesfaye says:

    The system is corrupt from the core. If reporter is really interested, instead of talking of the small fish why not expose their friends at the top who are robbing the country dry.Then, we can take their concern as genuine.

  2. አዜብ says:

    አህያውን ፈርቶ ዳውላውን። ዋነኞቹ ሌቦች የትግራይ ሹማምት ሲሆኑ እዚህ ግቡ የማይባሉትን ሙስና እየተዋጋን ለማለት ብቻ መቅጣት ቅጥፈት ነው።

  3. lilita says:

    Afer blu, thieves. How is development possible with these thieves, megedl new enezhi leboch. You go anywhere amhara known in theft. In Nairobi Kenyans believes amhara = thieves.

  4. Ewnet says:

    labeling and generalizing that one ethnic group as thief is pure racism which is extremely bad. Nobody is thief by birth. Nobody has become Amhara or Tigre by his own choice.Ok????????

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