Appeal letter for Peace and Unity within Ethiopian Orthodox Church


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2 Responses

  1. Wedi Ethiopia says:

    Dear Ato Kidan,
    Thanks so much for your wise and constructive contributions so far, including this burning issue of our Orthodox unity and the campain against the fascist Italy atrocities on our people!! God bless you and pls keep striving for both blessed causes!!Besides
    I would like emphatically request you to summone our fellow Orthodox christian brothers and sisters to beg and infuelce the teo parties before our historic identity and very being Ethiopians comes to an end!! Thanks again and keep it up!!

  2. Redahegn says:

    Whatever happened in the dark came to the light.The rumor about the practice of the senior military officers like General Samora participating in TPLF gang sodomizing and gang raping the young soldiers was finally found to be true.According to people on the ground the practice often goes undiscovered but when it finally did in Bure this past christmas the inevitable happened, the fight started which led to the death of many including innocent orthodox christian soldiers that were caught in the crossfire.Many say the liberal way of thinking by people like General Samora such as being gay in TPLF’s military and/or in other government jobs is normal is really affecting the whole country’s structure including the orthodox religion followers which consider being gay as a sin.

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