Ring in Redress to All Humankind (Al Mariam)


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8 Responses

  1. Selamawit Solomon says:

    Keep Up the great Work Dr Al-& Happy Newyr.

  2. Toothless Dog says:

    Dear Dawit,
    Can I guess most of your references whose are mostly covers your readers time?? I am getting bored to hear from those hater diaspora who targets specific group/ethinic who repeats same idea 10x by changing the topic, and this .. Prof. starts this glorious new year with the same Bekelo!!!!

  3. Elias says:

    I wish Prof. A. to see him in the hell by this day!!

  4. Gebre says:

    Why you filter my words, Dave, it is not good to see this from you!

  5. Mustefa says:

    Well done but you missed some important events that must be included.What about those ethiopians at Gerba, Degan and Asassa who are shot dead by police while they fought for freedom and their right?

  6. Geremew says:

    Idiot Awakening !

    The Media frenzy Prof., entertain illusions by decorating things with your trash philosophy, ring in redress propaganda,keep barking like a mad dog throughout your life.

    Nothing changed on the ground, while you became busy on writing your trash,famous & known in applying your PhD.

  7. Indalk says:

    I don’t Ring in Redress to your propaganda.

  8. ama says:

    Al-shintam have no bisness in ethiopian afairs it is upto ethiopians .if you think you are unactivist write about your US guvernement for all the human right abuse in the country .like police can shoot and kill black man on open street and go free ,people in guantamo with no any kind og judical right water turcture for 14 years,etc….iraq distruction,Syria,Afghanistan, Libya etc. Obs i fogot you are not even the right the black man in america you are the 3rdclass citizen kkkkkkk.

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