Hailemariam Says No Change of Policy On Eritrea


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4 Responses

  1. Henok says:


  2. Tafla says:

    Who cares ? From an Eritrean point of view,It’s the same Ethiopian dog barking differently.We couldn’t care less.Our hate continues….

    • tazabi says:

      if you are eritrean, what are you doing here? i cant remember the last time i went to eritrean site to check anything? i know there are many sites pro and anti eritrean gov. but we ethiopians do not by in large go there and try to check what they are saying about us. so the question then is what are you doing here? you got your independence and your freedom. so, why dont you stay there and deal with your own mess. you are still sniffing ethio websites like a mad dog. if you can truly answer that you will come very close to the real reason why the war happened between the two nations. why it is still unresolved and probably will not happen in our life time. the answer to your dilemma remains the only option to Essu as well. get over it and live and be proud of your new nation. do not bark like a mad dog, derg has gone long time ago and that old mantra should leave your body. stop hating when there is no one to hate. stand up and be independent. you are addicted to hate and you can not survive when there is no one to hate. Essayas grow old, please! the same applies to you Tafla!

      • Tafla says:

        The answer to your question is another question.Why are you mentioning Eritrea? Talk about your own mess and about the soon-to-be-free Oromia or Ogaden.Do not bother about Eritrea.Sort your own problems and differences,We left you 20 years ago (thank God) So DO NOT EVEN MENTION US.The moment you mention the name of our country,we’ll be here and there.And don’t tell me to be proud of my country.For your knowledge,nothing makes me more proud than the fact I’m Eritrean.With full honour & pride.Our hate continues….

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