Reframing the Post Meles Political Discourse (Ali Belew)


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17 Responses

  1. Admasu says:

    Good analysis

    • anedenate says:

      Well written sir but as an Ethiopian i will desagree with you that a minorty get all the benfits while the rest of the country is starving to death. I am not a not a politican but I. Am not stuped or blinde 5& of 80million people desevr better sirwith. All respect.

  2. Murad says:

    Thanks Mr. Ali! I agree on most of the points mentioned. I too honestly fear Ethiopia is heading to the abyss if both EPRDF and the opposition change their handling the politics.

    What should be emphasized is the ball is at the hands of EPRDF. It has to stop pushing every opposing entity to the limits by its characteristic stubbornness. It is only then the opposition won’t stick to their extreme and absolutely dangerous politics.

    Other equally critical issues that needs quick solution are the rife corruption and inflation which are pushing many to their limits. EPRDF is playing with time bomb if it doesn’t fix these.

    EPRDF also needs to be careful in its handling of religious matters. It seems to forget religion is one sensitive issue many will willing die for.

  3. Betty says:

    Ali Belew, thanks for your good analysis.

    I want also to thank Awramba Times, for providing unbiased news & informations. Keep the good work. Don’t hesitate to post news & videos coming from all sides (Good & Bad things done by TPLF/EPRDF ,Opposing groups, extremists, etc) & let the readers have their say.

    Finally, on your “Growth at the cost of Human Rights! graphics”, Posting Eskinder Nega along with Infrastructure Development is not clear ?

    As long as I know this terrorist paid the cost of terrorism act but not for Infrastructure Development plan.

  4. Name (required) says:

    Dear Ali
    For those of you who are commenting such thing I think didn’t understand totally the real situation in Ethiopia. The question of Demacracy and human right in Ethiopia started 50 years ago almost. But we Ethiopian were not lucky to succeed these question. Many including our fathers brothers were died and have been dying for this. But a person like you who is living abroad even didn’t come to a conclusion how we are far behind in terms of development in all aspects. instead of this giving a support to a dictator like Meles by giving analysis to such things. U are wonderful when you analysed things like ur boss meles zenawi, even u are better than him. By the way, we who are living in ethiopia knows our problem better than you. Let me ask you do you think we are allowed to demonstrate or speak freely what ever we want in Ethiopia ? Definitely your answer is no, so who else cry on behalf of us except the diasporas. Those who tried this in Ethiopia are either died or injured or are in kality. To be frank you know all this,instead you devoted on ur pretext analysis to criticise your brother and sister who are crying day and night for this concern on behalf of the oppressed Ethiopian. I met a person like you who was living in the US for a long time and is a supporter of the tyrant (who hate his own people because of their ethnic origin) and said me even there is no democracy in the US. Brother it is very easy to pick and give analysis to support the ideas of like Hitler or any other person. So brother instead of fooling yourself and others fight for the truth don’t waste your time digging ideas to criticise those who fight on behalf of the powerless Ethiopian . Those of you Diasporas who have been fighting dictators like Meles pls continue your struggle and don’t be disturbed until Ethiopia become a democrat state

  5. Ale, says:

    How is your “reframing” different from lying?

  6. Alemu Belay says:

    Bad Analysis

  7. Taye Tilahun says:

    It is time that Ethiopians in the Diaspora have the benefit of reading measured and thoughtful articles like Ali Belew’s. If this is the start of a new trend in Ethiopian politics, I will be one happy camper who shall die in peace. Dawit, thank you for posting such a beautiful analysis. And for those good intellectuals who kept silence in the face of intimidating Diaspora hate-mongers, Ali Belew has shown you the way, please have the courage to folllow suit.

  8. loly says:

    BAd analysis,who know YOU must be WAYANE!!!!!!!!

  9. Workneh says:

    If free media exist in Ethiopia, Dawit what are you doing here? The writer is pro -TPLF. You didn’t mention that there is always one or more TPLF man in each federal state. Federalism is not true in Ethiopia .

  10. Yonas says:

    This will be the first well balanced and interesting article I read in a long time. Mr. Ali, you should be proud for the fact that you are standing for the truth than your ego as many so called intellectuals do. I read it all in one breath simply because it tells the truth on the ground. Looking forward to read more! As for awramba times, you guys are now becoming more interesting despite the naysayers. Now I got a site to visit more. God bless.

  11. yenu says:

    Ali,Ali,Ali,…………….why tell half the truth. TPLF is a killer, a mass murderer, the worst totalitarian fascist government in history. Don’t urinate at our intelligence. This is not analysis but paralysis of the truth. You are pathetic! Who stole your mother’s money for abortion?

  12. as.selam says:


  13. kalu says:

    The writer point is to restate the EPRDF propaganda that Ethiopians not in TPLF don’t have the ablity to run the country. This thesis is presented with the conjencture that he is amara and hence can not advocate to keep the supermacy of Tigrians. It is too transparent and juvenile to be taken seriously. The statement that the TPLF has to stay in power or else Ethiopia will perish is at best laughable.

  14. ahmed alii says:

    i can’t comment about your analysis however, i would like to encourage you to stick with your true idetity. c’mon Mr. Girma kassa

  15. RAHEL says:

    ato ali
    we all know who can afford to go to a cabin in the woods of penn. state. so do not try to tell us different. we were not born yesterday. ye ethiopia amlake eyferede new.

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