Actions: Where to Start? (T. Goshu)


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7 Responses

  1. proud ethiopian says:

    this is the boring cry we used to hear by the so called toxic diaspora who are not representing the oppressed people but cry for power in the name of demoracy let me advice you as 22 years old
    1.respect the rights of ethnics nationalities eprdf is by far better than you
    2.admit ethiopia is better economically people s lives promoted then maybe we hear you abay yigedebal!!!!!

  2. Belay Zeleke says:

    T. Goshu, please don’t kill the moral of the brave people of Ethiopia by restarting, ring in redress style article.

    The people of Ethiopia are waiting for the Gallant fighters of Ginbot 7 armed forces which have seen on the picture.

    Please inform Ginbot 7 armed forces to show up in person rather than restarting the action.

    Thanks !

  3. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear author:

    I read your article with deep interest. I admire your thoughts and analysis. But I still found it just not different from others because it the same theory. Apart expecting justification from the oldies called oppositions. There is no paradigm. You are not even part of it. you are expecting someone out of the blue to come or expecting the oldies to unite.

    I think we have a general problem. We have no people with platform ideology that imbue us with pure, clear vision that is all embracing that is based on pure ideology. I do not expect miracle from the oppositions. We all know by now. They just do not have what it takes. It is not their fault; they just do not have the capacity to bring the type of change we wishes. You may not agree with me, but the opposition we have actually helps the government to stay longer at their own expense. There is no cure for that.

    We need a brand new youth force that can unite the people from north to south. Most of the parties we have they are either organized ethnically,most them.Even those claim they are not ethnically,they are organized ethnically.
    Even if they are organized ethnically, if they are similar to EPRDF but better cohession we could expect good, but they are far from it. There is no even loose coalition.

    My question? who is going to do it? we can not expect honey from flies. For sure to get honey we need bees. Who are the Ethiopian bees? you? opposition? me? or somebody else? if the bees are the oppositions, it is not bright looking. Even if EPRDF go away, I foresee Somalia like anarchy in Ethiopia. As such, if there is no clear vision, platform, real political ideology model, we can be in even in worse situation. I am expecting brand new civil movement that is all inclusive. Fresh, brand new, … because to expect anything good from people who refused to takeover addis and who are now in asmara is just illusion.

    The other things, muslims are trying to take over the country to make it an islamic state. Making alliance with islamic rebellion is suicidal. The on going muslim rebellion is not something you should emulate as civil or democratic movement. If they takeover, you will not be allowed to dance Gojamignea or Gonderignea or Oromignea or Guraginea or Tigrignea…. they will force you to make prayer 5 times a day instead. In my view, Ethiopia is heading to anarchy if muslims succeed. But the time they start cutting heads, it will be over. We now see it as simple thing, but once anarchy starts, it will be difficult to stop it.

    The solutiton for this all is to form new civil movement that has pure all inclusive ideology and doctrine. Sectarianism must be rejected before it is too late. Everyone is busy instigating anarchy in Ethiopia. But everyone will regret if anarchy starts.

    Let us ignore all the existing parties and think of brand new one and with new brand new ideology that protect and stand for the interest of the people regarldess ethnic, tribe, religion. We do not need religious sects and ethnic sects. We need a brand new civil national movement, Ethiopian National Civil Council( ENCC).

    ENCC must obey the existing constitution, respect EPRDF and remove EPRDF peacefully by election. This will avoid any possible anarchy. EPRDF can not do anything if the ENCC is well organized, law obeying and get involved in development in the country. What is helping EPRDF now to stay long is the toothless and aimless, visionless baby cry oppositions who are only active in addis and do not do anything to help the people except talking in addis about power. Oppositions win hearts and minds of voters by doing community work, youth sport center, art, … many things that can win people hearts. This people have no anything to do on the ground except waiting to go to Arat kilo. I have seen many democractic countries. People do not sit for years talking talking, … there is no such politics anwywhere. They active helping people to get the votes. Anyway, let us think new way.

  4. T.Goshu says:

    Dear commentator Hailemichael,

    I sincerely appreciate reacting to my views and expressing your perspective as a sensibly concerned person about what is going on in Ethioipia. I have to say that expressing your points of view fucused on the issue we are talikng about ,not on personality or some sort of unnecessary fight back is realy a great sign of developing a culture of productive arguement!! Let me just say the following about a couple of points your raised:

    . I want to believe that it is not a good and rational sentiment to make a highly generalized conclusion about the very peaceful protests being held by genuinely concerned Ethiopian Muslims .Well, it may make sense to say that there are individuals with extreme and harmful way of doing things . But I strongly believe the current demand by our compatriot muslims brothers/sisters to excercise their religous rights and asking the government to take its heay hands off religious affairs has nothing to do with turning the country into the Islamic Republic. I think we have to be as wise as possible whenever we deal with things that are persented straight forward,not hiden from the general public. I think the demands of the Ethiopian Muslims are crystal clear .Let the government help them to resolve their problems/demands ,and if there is anything beyond those basic demands,let the govenment hold them accountable.

    . you said my view is the same theory. Well, it is fine to argue that way if you feel so. But ,one thing has to be noted;and that is all our talks/theories /analysies and etc. are the reflections of our countinous problematic issues we face . I strongly believe we cannot avoid making necessary repeation as long as those issues countinue to challenge us. But the repeation has to be meanigful and helpful.

    Have a nice time buddy!

  5. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    Dear T. Goshu,

    You are entitled to your opinion about muslim or islam. I am also equally entitled to my opinion.

    Let me tell you I am the type of person who believe in egalitarian society where every human being is treated equally with justice, equality, fairness, dignity and integrity regardless religion, creed, opinions, beliefs, doctrines, race, colour, tribe, ethnic, gender, sex, age, sexuality, …. if you come via islam I will tell you right at your face Islam is not a religion of peace, it is the most violent religion on earth. I have read the history of islam, Judaism, Christianity with the highest curiosity. I was never biased to any of them when I studied them at University level. I have to actually tell you that I used to think islam was better than other religions. This bias of me that islam was better than other religions was based on my own experiences of Ethiopian muslims who I grew up with. I was influenced by them. I can assure I grew up with muslims eating with them during all their fastings. But islam outside Ethiopia is completely different I dare say 100% different. I have a great deal of experiences with all the religion. To your surprise I have read the entire Kuran with the highest curiosity and Judaism the same and Christiany the same. I studied the three religion with fantasy of to know their secret. I lived among the followers of the these three religions. I have read the entire history of all three religions. That means my judgment is not based on facts and reality on the ground and their teachings. I know all them has limitations.

    For that matter I am an activist for reforming the law of Judaism because Judaism abuses women as Islam does.

    I want you to know my judgment is based on well informed background and not based on biases and prejudices. The teaching of islam is wrong. Leave alone for other humanity, it is not good for muslims themselves. It is a bloody religion from day one and upto now. Many countries has been destroyed in Europe, Mesopotamia long before todays horror of islam. They destroyed Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Cyria, … many other countries. They exreminated many Irab tribes who do not belong to Mohammade Rasulula, I am talking Mohammed the islamic prophet. He murder the entire Arab tribes and extreminate them from the face of the earth.

    Ignorance is not sin or crime. What you are saying is ignorance. I used to be ignorant like you and believe islam was better than other religion. If I did not know the nature of the religion I would have been like you upto now.

    If you believe EPRDF is bad to islam or any other religions, you are very wrong. EPRDF is not a religious entity and it has been very open to religion. Actually it is the fault of EPRDF that the Muslims from Arab went into Ethiopia and they were taking over Ethiopia in the past 20 years. You do not know my friend. You are clueless. Let me tell you the secret of islam. They shared dream is build an islamic nation. This is not a joke. I am telling you because of I know very well. They are busy working hard building a nation called Islamic nation. Islamic nation means all nation must be muslims by force. This is the reality. They have freedom in Ethiopia like everybody else in Ethiopia. What they want now is to take over the state apparatus and to make Ethiopia an islamic state. You may trying to tell me what you told me but I will tell you that you have no clue what you are talking about. you are playing with fire. Why are they using their church to state protest every Friday? Anyway, I 100% disagree with you. While this attitude you better not talk about Ethiopia because if we were to put you on power, you will take us to the worst scenario even. Noting knowing is not a crime. But do not act as you know very well. Muslims across the globe are burning people alive? burning houses, churches, beheading people, stone women to death, cutting men penis, ere ere bakh, Yknah, I would say to you good luck. You can fool other Ethiopians, but not me. Thanks to life experiences, life has taught me very well.

    T. Goshu, because you hate EPRDF, you wanted to support muslims ? well, good luck. Sew eko sayawk esat lay gebtu ykatelal weym gedel ygebal? good luck for you, but please do not try to take more people with you. you better at least join them as individual and then you come back to teach us. But please do not try to teach people about things you do not know because you hate EPRDF. I would love more freedom and prosperity in my country. But I would never wish my country to be ruled or to be an islamic state where people cut their penis, women get stoned or shoot to death.

    The islamic rebellion in Ethiopia is pure political islam which has nothing to do with religion. If you do not agree, it is upto you but I am telling the truth. you are trying to fish from a murky lake? There is a saying in Tigrignea: Ktbla tblae ybhal, means ltbela tebelaleh, Aterf bay aguday malet now. You are trying to fish from the wrong river.

  6. Gezaee Hailemichael says:

    correction in the middle: That means my judgment is based on facts and reality on the ground and their teachings. I know all them has limitations

  7. T.Goshu says:

    Dear Gezaee,
    Are you OK? I did not know I had an exchange of views with person who knows everything ! Excuse me buddy for my ignorance about the existence a person like you with an “absolute knowlege ” on the history every great religion; but unfortunately enough insults the intlligence of othres who simply express what they know and what they feel.
    I understand your serious problem now .
    Let me tell you one tning and let me say goodbye . I am not a person of “I know evrything and others are ignorant,clueless and etc.” I am rather a person who is interested to know more . Buddy, the movement you claim that you are a person of I know everything , you are already dead mentally !
    Goodbye now buddy !

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