Ethiopia arrests two over murder of Austrian rafter


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3 Responses

  1. alem says:

    this is the drama of TplF,why always turists are killed in amhera and afare region,this is just game,we know that no amhera will kii forigners for sake of money,tplf want to weakned the turisem of amehra region or there is some thing behined…it is difficalt the guss what mafeya groups are thinking behined this…

    • Birabiro says:

      Mr Alem, you are just accusing TPLF with out any proof! & I would like to tell you something , Amara or Amhara not Amhera! this shows that you don’t know what you are talking about !

  2. kelem says:

    The woyane police is a collection of low life thugs and has no such competence to find the killers in such a short period of time. The crime most likely was commited by a tplf greedy solder or a police man who wanted to get some cash by any means. This criminal organization must be eliminated by all means.

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